Whats up with Caira?


Im quite new to Evolve, but I racked my first loss as Kelder today (first loss out of 9 matches with him).
And I noticed something.

Why the fuck is Caira so obscenely powerful?

No seriously, a grenade launcher that heals in an area thats is spammable as hell. A fucking SPEED BOOST that pretty much makes kelder (Or goliath…sorta) easy to chase, seriously its impossible to run away from a team with a Caira with Kelder. ESPECIALLY when there is a bucket on the hunters team recharging her speed boost and healing burtst.

I can’t focus her without her spamming grenades on herself and bursting, almost fully healing herself when I burst her down, but also Bucket also throwing double shields (Shield burst + Recharge skill). Which also makes caira able to completely heal herself again.

How the fuck am I supposed to fight that, or run as a Kelder?

I knocked Caira down twice, she had two strikes, and then they began spamming it, I couldn’t bring her down fast enough before Hyde to flame me to death.

And then people talk about Rogue val and Bucket. Look at Caira’s grenade spam, speed boost and healing burst when coupled with a Bucket…

How the fuck am I supposed to fight against constant healing grenades, and I can’t even run away because of double speed boost.

Couple that with the planet scanner making stealth rather pointless because trapper sees me through walls…

P.S: can’t exactly focus Bucket either because of the same spam :confused:


Hi, welcome to the TRS forums!

First, to get familiar with the community guidelines, here is a handy topic for that:

That being said, Caira is one of the hardest medics to take down, although not impossible.
Be aware that, although Bucket is powerful, his mechanized recharge only affects class abilities (and will therefore not affect Caira’s speed boost)

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I didn’t know about it not affecting the speed boost, though it seemed almost impossible to escape from them with Kelder’s mobility when she activated it.
(I had 2 perks increasing movement speed too! Minor and Major, Im trying to get superior cooldown reduction).

Then when I go at her its just spam, spam and more spam, coupled with Bucket double shield.

thx for the welcome :slight_smile:


Whenever I see Caira as a Goliath main, I simply ignore her and focus on other hunters first. Especially support is the top priority.

You can even switch between the two (to keep pressure on both of them) as it will force Caira to either waste healing grenades on herself instead of her teammates (and vice versa)


I tried to do that, Knocked assault once and Trapper twice as well. My health dwindling all the while because I can’t escape from a caira’s speed boosted team with Kelder (That or I suck at using my traversals, cutting corners and whatnot didn’t work either).

I managed to get bucket AND assault down at the last skirmish, then I died because my health was like half a bar because of how long it took to take them down with the sheer ammount of protection :confused:

The spam’s just too high though, double shield + burst + endless healing grenades = Very bad time for monster.


Can Caira’s heal grenades self heal ? A YouTuber said it could but that was a year ago during legacy. When Caira was on free rotation I tried self healing but it didn’t work.


My guess is that when Bucket used his class ability the Caira player would then use their healburst again while also getting the shield from Bucket.

Whenever I play as Caira I find that her healing grenades aren’t that great at keeping herself alive especially when healburst is on cooldown.


She was healing herself somehow, from very low health to almost full, one way or the other…so I guess she can? I never played Caira I just know her kit (totally didn’t look at the wiki lol).


Exactly what was happening, Nigh impossible to deal with while getting Flamed all the while. Couldn’t focus anyone else without her spamming grenades at them either :confused:


If that happens then the best thing to do is go for Bucket and then Caira. It also prevents Bucket from placing new turrets which are chipping away at your armour/health since you’re focusing him down :smile:


As it can be hard for a Caira to heal a far away hunter I suggest you target her last. Knock hunters away and around corners so it is much more difficult for her to heal them. When everyone else is down you can sneak pounce Caira and finish her off.


Yeah Caira can self-heal herself with the healing grenades.

@Scudman, what a lot of Elder Kraken players do is make use of terrain and a good spammed vortex.

Things like caves is where EK is strong, also make sure that your vortex is linear most of the time. Try even to practice vortex + pounce (very effective when used right, for example when Caira is just behind a corner and her teammates are coming behind).

You might even try certain perks such as the slow perk.


Caira can heal herself, but be aware the grenade is a projectile and if you don’t shoot it far enough in front of you while you run away from the monster, you will simply run ahead of the AoE and not get the heal.

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Believe me when I say that I tried. But it wasn’t habing any effect on their chase. Either because caira would heal them afterwards or the speed boost would make avoiding my spiral that much easier.

Hell I saw the trapper rushing straight through it only to be healed by caira afterwards.

I never felt so helpless before (even when playing against a gorgon I didnt feel like what I was doing was ammounting to literaly nothing) :frowning:


Out of curiosity, try playing against the same hunter’s comp but bots in Training mode.
See if you encounter the same issue or not.


Sure. Il see If I can set up one. Thx for your replies :slight_smile:


I encountered a fight that I lost against a slim that just refused to die, coupled with insane dmg done to me as a monster. So it might be possible that person was tampering/hacking, so only when you play against bots and legit caira players you should notice the difference.


Alright. I just did a quick and dirty training sessions against the bots.

And it went wildly differently than this last one.
She was still healing a lot but I was able to outdamage her and buckets shields without much trouble. The heal was still high though. So I doubt there was hacking on the heals.


2- they had a much harder time chasing me. Caira would speed boost but it would run out after a bit.

Against the playsrs though…the speedboost was oj almost permanently. Like a 5 second cooldown. I could not get away from them.

So my guess is that the guy tinkered with the speed boost’s cooldown…hm.


Sorry but this makes no sense.Cairas grenades heal her for half the normal amount.She needs like 4 mags to heal to full,and is outdamaged by every monster.If anything she is the least self-defendable medic.Try killing rogue val lol


I find that Caira is very good when played well with a good team but terrible in any other situation.