Whats up with all you damn quitters?


like seriously you casuals join my game, in skirmish or evac and play one map and get REKT and rage/quit.

if you thinking quitting a game because you got served is going to get you any better?? think again its only doing YOU more harm. if all you want is easy wins go play COOP stay the hell outta a real mans game (PVP) and stop quitting…no skills and you wont get anymore skills quitting all day… just accept your lose learn from it and continue or again GO PLAY COOP…

srsly damn casuals…oh and I love how when I win…you call me a noob or think I cant hear you when you trash talk how “broken” wraith or kraken or goliath is…LMFAO …its not the game ITS YOU…get skillz


I understand your pain, and sympathize with you. Could you please try to be a bit more respectful next time though, we try to not promote overtly negative or mean attitudes on these forums.


OHHHHHH hit them right them right in the jimmies.


If I join a random team, and we lose because the monster was way better and my team isn’t that good I will leave when it ends. I like to play good monster players, but not if my team isn’t good thats just a waste of time.


And those quitters are most of the hunter player base. Simple



It should be the same player base! Your meant to play both!



in before sunny nerf


Noobs thread with small P


Sexism. CALL THE FEMINAZI GESTAPO! :stuck_out_tongue:


Very true but my inner beast won’t let me be a human. I must release it one way or another.


Have you tried playing Hyde :wink:


Yes. I like his personality but tearing him to shreds is so much more satisfying :slight_smile:


well on ps4 when im monster all i see is disconnected i think the ps4 is suffering alot of shit lately :cry:

in before sunny nerf


I had won with the behemoth recently after the micropatch and he started saying how shit i was by roll hitting his team a lot, even though it has been fixed, and i used abilities. Some people can not just accept that they could lose and when i told him this, he just straight up left.


To be fair, there are four times as many Hunters as there are Monsters…


Oh I know this and that’s another supporting factor of how this game is more than likely favored toward the hunters. Come vote on my thread I just made :slight_smile:


I did. ^.^ <Bbbbb


No you didn’t xD Pick whichever one feels right with you :slight_smile:


Playing against a Monster that recktsdeds you because you’re not in the same league isn’t going to get you better either. How about you be happy that a group of new hunters who may be more of a challenge will show up in your game instead of sounding like all you want to do is pubstomp.