What's up with all the Kraken lately?


I have to abandon my Husbando, Hyde, for an entire day, because 95% of my games are against Kraken… D:
Except I love him too much to give him up, I am so traumatized.


its cuz hes broken <(._.<) itll be ok


[Assumes fetal position]


Here, I brought you some cocoa :coffee:<(._.)


Did you bring Hyde too ;w;?
takes cocoa


Because everyone is using Bucket for the challenge and the turrets(me) have a hard time shooting him :confounded:


:hyde_cute: of course ^.-


Squee. ;w;


I don’t see how Kraken is forcing you to stop using Hyde, Hes much better than using Torvald or Markov against him and Parnell would still have to get close anyway. I’d pick Hyde even if I knew it was Kraken. If you know the monster is going to be evasive switch to the mini gun and start racking up some head shots and if he gets aggressive and starts to melee focus somebody, throw a grenade.


I agree- I feel like Hyde is the best pick against a Kraken! Markov- Mines are near useless, the LG does pathetic damage and doesn’t have enough range to hit a good Kraken forcing you to rely on the crappy AR.
Torvald- Mortars can’t be landed on a good Kraken. Not enough. The shrapnel Grenade and Shotgun don’t do much damage on Kraken.
Parnell- Shotgun has a hard time hitting, rockets suck and SS is wasted by one knockback attack.

Hyde- Minigun is now reliable and does nice damage at range, the Flamer is amazing for when Kraken is forced down. Txocis detonate on proximity now- you can use them extremely well to deny airspace to a Kraken.


Maaaaaaaan, I know what to do with him vs a Kraken, it’s just I find it excrutiatingly irritating after so many games… The majority of times I cant even keep an aim on him due to all the rocks and trees, then again, I’m not the one dropping the domes…

I did win my last game vs Kraken though.
That was satisfying.


Lend me your damage amp.


But of course. I’m off work right now, I’m up anytime you want me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Due to the timezones I’m not sure when’s good.
It’s 23:42 here in Sweden. :wink:


…Well damn. ;-; It’s 7:43 AM here, I have a doctor’s appointment in the evening and I’m booooooored.


Monsters are trying to troll hunters, by making us miss the 350 million mark. They don’t want us to get the support skins. Same thing happened on the other challenges. Since Bucket can’t easily hit a flying Kraken with the turrets, and since the Kraken is unbalanced; everyone is taking him for the ride.

Too bad though… If they didn’t do this, they would get the skins as well.


Pfuuh, bugger it. Lets take some games.
Also if I can calculate it right, by the time it’s 12pm here it should be what, 8pm over there? Maybe, juuust maybe we can get games in if we time it right.
If I’m wrong, blame my lack of mathematics, and bad teachers.


Lol maybe. I think @Shin’s up too.


Not all of us, I wanna get Rose her cabbage skin ;w;


Forget the skin I would love to have that bomber jacket <3