Whats the win streak for?


i was just wondering what does the win streak really stand for? Do we get any kind of reward if we reach a certain win streak. on my 54 win streak right now. IF anyone got any idea, please share. thank you.


I believe you get a set amount of keys after each 5th subsequent winstreak


Getting a win streak means that TRS is tracking you and checking your statistics, so they can properly nerf you in the coming battles :slight_smile:


nerf me?


No, that’s a joke, lol.




/jk. You apparently get more keys the bigger the winstreak.


with a 53 win streak i earned 93keys after i won again of course
I dont think thats big since i’ve already earned 1000+ keys for winning my 34th game.




54 wins O.O

What the actual fuck. Thats insane dude. The highest I’ve seen was a 28 streak Meaty and he destroyed us at stage 1. didn’t even try to feed or evolve, just waited at the drop and raped us.


do the same thing myself


Meaty?.. What’s a Meaty?


Meteor Goliath. Nickname here around the forums. Also includes Bob as Behemoth, Kelder for Elder Kraken, and the Gorgon one. We don’t normally speak of that one…


It’s a really fun mechanic to see that winstreak grow, and then also to take it away as the opposition.

Just remember, everyone loses eventually!


Dont bring it up!
She Can Hear You


Summoning @Azmi_Anuar


You mean Gorgonzola? What’s wrong with that? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think…I think he meant the other one.


yeah because so much op, they put you less armor less damage and more cd, because new people cant play like that


You mean Miley cyrus and her pounces.


I dont like the win streak at all… i once had 30+ win streak, and i knew i had to stop , so i broke the wining streak myself by losing. :grinning: