What's the time frame for new info releases?


We got 13wks roughly before release… what’s the timetable for info “leaks”?
Knowing 2k I imagine something for San Diego Convention Center July 23-27
Gamescom Aug 13-17
May EGX ??
Other then that I think we gotta just wait for anything new.


All in good time, my good man!

I understand a lot of people here are hungry for more knowledge about the game and keep teasing us with their cryptic messages, all the more reason to get excited for more info I suppose! Nothing major has been announced for the conventions you mentioned initially but who knows, maybe they have a surprise in store for us at one of them like they did at E3? I think once Turtle Rock has given people at all these cons a taster of what the game is about and that’s out of the way, they’re almost at the stage of the game’s actual release! So my guess is around a little bit closer to launch until we see anything new! I could be wrong though! Never say never! :wink:


Yeah, the devs skirted around my question, asking about maps, since there’s a dozen of them and we’ve only seen two


If they create a map maker tool be nice to have the community vote in some maps.


I’d be willing to bet next monster will be revealed during Pax Prime. It’s 2 months before release (about) and is probably the most major convention in which to do that.


Hmm, thats a good guess, but I think they’ll leave it pretty close to launch, like about two weeks


Maybe but I just feel like the venue of PAX prime is too good to pass up. Plus if they want more stuff to reveal before release, they’ll still have the 10+ maps we haven’t seen and their unique wildlife.


Yeah, maybe they’ll reveal the Hunters first, like they did with the new tier, as well as a few maps


Hopefully one of the magazines/websites can hurry up and pay turtle rock some money for an exclusive week of new hunter reveals.


My best bet is PAX - last week of august. It is exactly between E3 and release as well, so the date makes lots of sense.


I’m sure we’ll get info at PAX prime, but that’s almost 2 months from now. I’ll be kinda disappointed if thats how long it takes to get any new information. I’m thinking we’'ll get something substantial much sooner than that.


Agreed, it’s one of the bigger venues and as you said, it falls into a nice halfway to release spot.

@DRevD - Maybe they will do some map reveals? I’d like to see some more environments personally. I think they’ll save the last monster for PAX. We might get the next set of hunters beginning of August maybe?


Yeah Pax Prime makes sense.

Also, I’m hoping to hear more about the other modes. I’m sick of hearing that people think they’re going to get bored with the game because there’s only one mode. I know TR/2K have already said there’s more than just Hunt mode, but that message doesn’t seem to be sticking!


I think it would be an awesome game even if it was only hunt mode… don’t get me excited :stuck_out_tongue:


Good things come to those that wait!