What's the story behind your username


Why do you have your username(both forums and gaming names) my name on forums squrimylookin comes from a nickname my friends call me. Bakedpoptarts my psn comes from me putting pop tarts in a toaster and leaving it on for a long time and then they caught on fire. I see lots of interesting names on the forums so what’s your story.


The Mountain That Roars

This is an amalgamation of my love for monsters (big ones! Like Godzilla and now the Evolve brood!) and the A Song of Ice and Fire series. :metal:

Edit to fix the obvious. :goliath_roar: :kraken_stare: :behemoth: :wraith: :gorgon:


This guy on the PS3 back when I played MW3 called me Shunty and it just stuck. Edit: My name on the PS3 was morefam but he just decided to call me Shunty. Don’t know why he did. He also said it rather derogatorily too, so it’s kind of a mock name.


I thought the meaning was literal xD


My name in general originated in to trying to be the bane of sky at first. But then it “Evolved” and had bigger plans and a much better purpose fit with its own origin story and story line.

This name goes all the way back to 2013 I believe.


Me too, still love the name tho
I’m guessing just a stab in the dark that you love bucket and that’s why you have that name @Buckets_Sentry_Gun lol


Well, the story behind Buckets_sentry_gun is that I just love deployables turrets or just minions that can aid you in battle, so imagine how excited I got when I saw that Evolve had a robot character that can deploy cute mini sentry guns :bucket_sentrygun:

My GT is SpookyCrow, I love scarecrows, but sadly, that name was taken, so I went with that xD



Back a few years ago, a show on discovery called Destroyed in Seconds was my favorite show. It blew my mind literally on how something could change that fast. I adopted Xplosion as my gamer tag but it looked short, so I put a 99 on it. Since people are known for putting birthdays in their gamer tag people thought 99 was 1999, but 9 is just my favorite number, thus 99 is just it twice.

I finally got the Incorporated when I was looking to drop my 99. XplosionIncorporated actually needed a space, and I hate underscores so I merged the two.

Till this day, explosions still blow my mind and are the coolest things to watch.

Edit: my nickname is Xplo :emetoh:


Because I am the king of the court of owls


You want to know my username origin ay?

ok fine…

When I was young I was always told there is a limit to doing things so I was like “then I am gonna hit the maximum limit of everything!”

That and if you saw me playing something with an inventory it would always be full and people would nickname me maximum limit




Then you must fulfill your role and fully complete every game possible.


dear god no thanks


then your not hitting your maximum limit.



ive just always used this. no clue why


OMG IS THAT YOU?! I NEVER KNEW BAKEDPOPTARTS WAS YOU. I’ve been playing against you alot, I love your hunter gameplay :heart_eyes:

Alright so my name here “Evolveuniverse” came up to my mind after thinking about Evolve as a whole universe, Shear and all of the monsters are so beauiful, love seeing photos of them in their natural enviroment that no humans has invaded or destroyed.

My PS4 name “AmandAvicii” is basically just my name Amanda and Avicii’s name put together, perhaps kind of weird haha - but seriously he makes all of my days, his music is something that makes me feel alot better and it brings alot of good memories to me etc :slight_smile:


If you are interested in lots more, you can look over this thread lol

I love some of these in here…


Torvald Stavig is bad ass, and I have officially mastered him lol

Demon Hunter is a band that I love.
1245 is just a bunch of numbers that my bro created and my whole family added it.


Um, well this is boring… My name irl is Loren (which is a mashup of my mom’s first and middle name, Lori Ann) and I am a natural ginger, thus LorenTheGinger or LorenTheUnicorn became my go to usernames. (The “unicorn” part because gingers are more rare than other hair color types and considered “the unicorns of genetics”. I also have blue eyes along with my red hair making me even more rare.) So yeah, my name(s) decoded.