What's the solution for high level players' win/lose ratio


Since the matchmaking update, matchmakings are measured by skill level, most of people been playing for hundreds of hours (high level) got to play with low level players which is unfair, and resulting in a drop of win/lose ratio, unfortunately, this made them identified as “low skill” players, and keep getting paired with low level players, if it keeps like this, it might cause balance issue, i’d suggest playing as monster and do pubstomping to get your win/lose ratio high again, but some people don’t like playing as monster, and don’t have any friend (who plays evolve) to make a decent team. Any other ideas guys?


The new matchmaking system is not active.

When it goes live everybody’s matchmaking ranking will be reset. So we all start with a clean slate. It’ll be chaotic for a while, but everybody will shake out to be where they should be soon enough.


Ok, then pubstomping as monster is the best idea for me


Actually matchmaking is currently skill based. Normal (non ranked) hunt mode currently uses their hidden skill rating to matchmake, has for a few patches now.

I hope it does reset with the new update though, clean slate and all.

But, @OP, sadly I doubt there’s anything to do…Like, actually. That’s a very common issue in skill based matchmaker games and they call it ELO Hell. ELO is different but this is the same principle- get smacked once and in a game like Evolve, if you’re going Hunter, you’ll get bad team mates, lose, get bad team mates, keep losing, and get locked in toilet paper tier.

Fortunately you will ALSO get matched against bad Monsters! So, there’ll always be a chance to turn it around! :slight_smile:

Also, they’re going to separate the skill rating for Hunter and monster. So when you queue monster it uses a separate skill rating and those pubstompers? Yeah, they’re going to be fighting the tryhard premade teams. :slight_smile:


Finally, a separation between hunter and monster skill rating, thank god


Will definitely be interesting, yes.


I was bronze in lol and could not get higher than silver even after 300games,made new account and became diamond in one day challenger in next week
there is no way from elo hell and people who are comparable or better than next tier will never see light at end of the tunnel.This is especially true for EU/RUS players,because you get matched with russians and there is no way from
Команда Путина and Эло ад
OP is right on this one.

You may even remember me from go4lol tournament,my team SKgaming won many [Zdravim vsetkych slovakov :^)]

Elo hell in this game is even worse,because you losse rank even for wins due to something between bug and system[even devs can not really determine if it is intended because it is in bug forum often]
I won 15games in row and got downranked for that from silver to bronze.

Made smurf and became gold destroyer.

I reccomend to everyone to have at least 5 accounts if you plan to play with randoms.

I learned from my mistakes and I just do not play random games at all now. Jumping from 35% winratio to 95%
playing coop games solo is just crazy

if you want play solo,play coop vs ai or monster


I said new matchmaking. The one referenced here:

As well. It’s not ELO. It’s Elo. Named after Arpad Elo who invented it to improve player ratings in chess tournaments.


I’d like to know how the current skill system works, I’ve always been leaving sessions when the monster was a bot knowing that it will count as a loss, I really don’t care about stats. If it however affects the skill-rating, that would kinda suck.

Edit: The skill system should mostly take personal performance into account (as in amount healed/shielded, damage done with specific equipement etc.), this would obviously be far from a perfect solution but still better than going after W/L ratio. Also the skill-level should reset from time to time for everyone imo.


Creating a system to measure how well you do in an individual game to use in order to rank you, while a wonderful idea, simply doesnt work. One would think that it would be as simple as get the average numbers of everyone through the games and then just make that the variable that is uses to figure out where everyone should go.
But, there are a lot of characters that are strange and would be very difficult to measure properly, like getting Laz’s healing numbers and comparing them to Caira’s, or trying to put Cabot’s shield numbers against a Hank’s. And then further still, the Monsters are also very capable of making these number differ too much (Assault doing tons of damage to a Behemoth, but lacking against Gorgon/Wraith/Kraken).

Ultimatly, its just simpler to do it based on win/loss because its one constant variable that says which team did better that game that is 100% accurate (not including bugs and disconnects).