What's the point of "stealth pounce"?


When you pounce something in stealth mode, you alert the wildlife and they run away anyway.

Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of sneaking?

I mean, when I think of “stealth attack” or “stealth kill”, that means to kill without being noticed, and the animals CLEARLY notice you when, and before your pounce connects, and it’s killing some of the immersion for me.

Is this a glitch or just wonky game design?


It’s called pounce attack in several badges and mentions.


Its only to hold something still if its running away. Most often you’d be prompted to use it as a finisher to a combo or getting a hunter back down on the ground easily, that and in some circumstances wildlife.

And yes, things notice you if you stray too close to them, just like in real life.


When you land a Pounce, you lock the target in place while you deal consistent damage to them. The only way for them to get free is if something else damages you, or if you willingly choose to release.

It rewards you for stealthily sneaking up on your prey by granting you a low risk, high reward easy kill.


This right here.

If you manage to pounce a lone hunter who ventured too far away from his team its free damage until someone can shoot you off- Making him a notably easy target to engage on with abilities when this does happen.

Or a free down when it doesnt.

Theres also a bit of tactical advantage to using it properly during combat itself. The monster will pounce a reasonable range when using the move, its like a free mini-traversal. And since you physically grab a hunter, it works a bit like crowd control. Even IF you get shot off right away, if you land the pounce- Youve now moved yourself directly next to a hunter, stopped their movement, and let them go right next to you- Right in range for a few immediate follow up melees and abilities. This was dialed back a fair bit for stage 2, but still has its uses. But if youre playing legacy, this is especially powerful.


One time I was on Wraith Trap, running MG. I wasn’t doing so good on health so I tried a different approach. I tried hiding in the path before the underpass leading to the forest. I was rocking the ‘wounded puppy’ playstyle pretending to be running away while the dome was down.

Support did the mistake of splitting up from the others to fight me. I pounced him six ways to Sunday, killed him, ate him and then did the same to everyone else. I am a 7 feet high monster that can lift boulders the size of semis, what makes you think I will not eat you if you are on your own ???

On another occasion, a Kala did the mistake of using a portal that I happened to be right on top of. Pounced her ass. The only thing that saved her was Assault shooting all the way from the relay on Orbital Drill.

Pouncing is a good way to save your abilities for later use but it works first and foremost as an immobilization tactic. If a hunter is on his own, MAKE SURE TO KEEP IT THAT WAY. Do not let him jetpack back to his group, that’s what pounce is good for.


What you should be asking yourself is “What is the purpose of taking a lone target and pinning it to the ground and severely damaging it while it is helpless to defend itself?”