What's the point of slim's grenade launcher


It merely reduces the smell range of monsters and even then they can usually just jump out with ease unless the trapper can do their job well enough. And that point wouldn’t it just be better to have your leech gun out at all times? I’m sorry if there’s something I’m missing but it just seems like it has no real use to his grenade launcher and it’d just be better to change what it does.


It’s known to be limited in use right now. Frankly they should just completely change the effect of the Spores.


I agree but what should take it’s place?


Slim shoots confetti instead.


I dont think it should be replaced with anything else per se, but it without a dout needs a rework. Perhaps allies within the Spore Cloud should get increased healing? Take reduced damage? Or maybe if they want to keep the blinding thing they can change it so the Spore Cloud actually blurs the screen for Monster or something.

Regardless, it needs a rework that much is clear, but I think the idea of Slim’s Spore Launcher is very cool and adds a lot of uniqueness to the character.


Spitballing here, but perhaps it could just remove health bars? Can still see everyone’s gamertag but can’t tell how much health they have left.

Suggestion aside, the spores do need a rework.


What I suggest is to set it back to vanilla Evolve Spore cloud, but rework the way it applies blindness to a monster, rather than creating a bubble, I think it should work like a real smoke/gas grande and have a similar use to an Elder Kraken`s Death Spiral where it only goes to one direction and blinds the monster in the area of effect and for a short time after mitigating the cloud.


I think it needs to be fixed and working as intended before we push to change it completely


The spore launcher is there to drag his kit down to the other medic’s level. I mean, have you seen his crazy healing?


Look at my thread, people said its balanced and in a good state.
(i still think its poo)


Its area denial like Quantum Cairas red field, but its not very effective because it does … almost nothing.

I don’t think it should do damage per se like Hydes toxic grenade, but should debuff the monster somehow.

I don’t like the idea of blinding the monster, and I get that TRS changed that aspect of the cloud for a reason.

IMHO the spores should slow the monster like Vals tranquilizer gun does. Because of the added utility of reducing smell radius, thr slow effect won’t be as strong as Val, but it makes the most sense.

If you want to be more original, rather than slow, the spores can disable traversals for the duration of the effect. This means the monster can only use their normal run.


I think they should just readjust it to a spore healing field/monster damage field that floats in air for a minute or so, and then readjust his spore gun heals/damage to balance it so it’s not OP.


To me slim is all round utterly useless. I like him and he is fun but I’ll never pick him as it’s almost guaranteed a loss. His spore is now pointless as the cloud is tiny, his healing is pathetic unless you are in the perfect spot to continue to attack the monster/all hunters are nearby/the monster is a bad player and finally his healing drone is pathetic in combat. It might get you a cheeky revive now and again but if you’re against a monster player who is at least average he is utterly useless compared to other medics.


What if his spore launcher worked more like renegade Abe’s grenade but instead of doing dot and debugging the monsters damage it increases the cool down on monsters abilities


He is arguably the best Medic in the game…


The point? There is no point to his spores, they are useless lol


No he isn’t, lol. The fact that one item in his kit isn’t even useful already disproves that.


That’s kind of hard to say with medics like EMET, VAL, and the situation lazarus on the same lineup.

I’ll also comment on how people are saying instead of a drastic change you could just make it like before or buff it, which would probably be as good as replacing it since it’ll at least be useful.


Slewey are you trolling? Sporecloud useless, so Slim is useless… lol.

Even after Slim nerfs last patch, he still outheals ANY other medic.


I find him way too situational, most of the time he’s a liability but some times he is epic. Val, caira and laz much safer bets. Emet I’m getting used to, I’ve seen people on here saying he really op but certainly not from what I’ve played.