What's the point in playing a monster on PC anymore?


Since recently half the players started using auto aim(read aimbot) it’s just pointless. I just had a game as Goliath vs Slim/Hank/Griffin/Torvald, and Slim/Hank were playing by just spamming aimbot. On stage 2, I lost full armor + 90% health in about 20-30 seconds, and I only got hit by 2 Torvald’s barrages, and not even by full blasts. Hank never missed a headshot unless my back was turned towards him and Slim with aimbot is just overpowered, he spams heal burst literally every second, or 2-2.5 seconds if reloading.

After I escaped and got to stage 3 I fought them on full armor and 1/3 health. I managed to use FB/LS/RT combo and jump like 3 times before I got killed.

And poor Wraith is a joke now. Having a ‘small, agile and dodgy monster with low health/armor’ doesn’t work when hunters hit every single shot.

Any news from devs, will this be fixed any time soon?


Video added.


The aim bot don’t aim the head. And it’s just an assist. It simply don’t work as good as you say. to lose all your armor in 20 seconds means you are simply not avoiding the fight… A hank firing means no shield. then try to go to that slim who is spamming and forgetting the cloud…

From my point of view, it’s better to play without the aim assit. I’m more accurate without it. Maybe you just fight the hank who have a lot of aiming experience. Some are very bad at aiming. Some others who played a lot of counter strike for exemple, will be better. Because there is no recoil in evolve and it’s simply easy, specialy with hank.

When you lose armor, just runaway in the dome.

Another thing, when you think the hunters are going to dome you, just find a place where YOU want to be domed. Like somewhere you can loop ! ^^

The monster is very hard to master and I’m far away from it because I’m used to play hunter. But once you get some reflexs, It’s coming more and more easy to avoid the fight.


I sense some extreme exaggeration here, there, and everywhere.

ADS is broken, and the forums are aware. I doubt half the pc population is abusing the aim button. Devs will have to do something about it.

I only hope it won’t take a month.


I’m pretty sure that aimbot video floating around shows it aiming right for the head.

Also, chalk up another post on how powerful monsters are from a hunter player.


Sorry mate, but you obviously don’t know how aim assist abuse works. I’m not talking about the slight aim movement assist, I’m talking about the zoom button spam where your cursor is LOCKED ON to the monster’s head(or middle of body if head is blocked by something) and no matter how the monster moves it’ll stay locked onto the monster. I can take off 2-3 armor bars with 1 clip from Griffin with it in about 2-3 seconds. I bought a controller just to test it and I still don’t know how something like this was allowed into the game.

Hell, in one game with Griffin I took off 2 health bars from Kraken with 1 clip in about 3 seconds because he had 2 Laz’s weakpoints on his head, and he was some 30-40 meters away from me.

I know how to play a monster, especially Wraith. I can wipe out competitive teams on stage 1 with very little problems unless they have Hank/Caira combo. But when pugs start doing more damage than some competitive teams and never missing a shot, you know something’s wrong.


This is the only thing I could find without much effort but its more of an auto lock than aim assist


What does the rapid zoom in actually do? Is it the reason the aim remains so stable although there is heavy hunter movement?


I don’t know if you played COD but when you ADS in that it locks onto the enemy, in evolve it is the same where pressing auto aim will make your aim go straight to the monster, pressing it repeatedly allows you to keep locking(zooming is from the ADS the magnification bonus)


I don’t auto aim <3
I use ADS if I have to but as far as I’m aware it doesn’t lock onto the target, when you’re using keyboard and mouse (which I do)


So they need to zoom in and press autoaim right afterwards and keep repeating this quickly for the perfect lock? Also is this aim assist going for body hits or is it magnetizing to the hitbox you are closest to?


Hmmmm oke… seems very crappy. anyway I don’t want to use it caus it makes me miss my shots with val. Tranq a jumping monster is impossible with aim assist. I mean from 100 meters.


Why would that be impossible? Vals tranq is pretty much hitscan


Anyway I agree with you guys. This feature just should be removed completly from the pc version.


Hitscan ???


Hitscan is when a weapon has no traveltime but immediately hits whatever you are aiming. As in you don’t need to aim ahead of the monster with vals tranq because that is what you would need to do if the weapon wasn’t hitscan.


Nope. There are no hitscan weapons in Evolve beyond the two sniper rifles, and even there I’m not sure if it’s not just huge projectile speed instead of actual hitscan.

And Val’s tranq has far from being a hitscan weapon.

EDIT: Scratch that, Cabot’s railgun I believe actually is a hitscan. I forget things.


Maybe you are lagging abit but there is no lead needed on vals tranq


Ok. Idk man I just miss my shots with it. I will retry to play with it to see how it works. I just disabled it from the beginning caus the feeling is unreal and boring with it. I like the full control…


Oh thank you. I was starting to think I’m crazy


Val’s tranqs indeed have a travel time.