Whats the Player Level Cap?


In the big alpha i got to about 26-27
In the beta i only got to about 21

Just wondering if there’s a player level cap. if so, what is the cap?


i think its low, like 30 or 40

V yeah what that guy said


10 char



Confirmed in one of the newer streams, in which it said “Level Cap reached” at level 40.


Wow, only 40?



whats the point in having 500 levels for no reason

i wish more games went with balls out “no you’re getting 40 and you’ll like it”


Does it really matter? Will the game be any better if the cap was 100, and it took the same amount of time to reach it?


i hope evolve doesn’t have the same life cycle as space marine

barely anyone plays that now

totally blame only 40 levels for that :wink:


They have said that they are probably gonna raise it in the future, they might be waiting until they have rewards for the levels before they up the cap though (badges, etc)