What's the other planet?


If the right one is Shear, then what’s the silver planet on the left?


That’s the moon, I assume


Yeah I always assumed that was its moon.


One of shear’s multiple moons. I wanna say there are 3 or more.


The designs on that moon were always interesting. I feel like they couldve went into that for the story, but it never happened.


Seeing as there are 3 moons in the image, I think you might be onto something with your theory :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t even look at the picture, I’ve been at this game for years. Just can’t remember if the number is properly 4, or if I’m forgetting my moon count.

Edit: since I’m on mobile and can’t link, i can tell you that i found a confirmation that there are 4 moons.

I hear they’re named Shear I-IV.


It’s been confirmed that there are 3 moons to Shear


One of the three moons.



Shear has 4 satellites I believe.


“That’s no moon”


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