Whats the NEW Meta?


Can someone inform me of the new meta like the best monster/hunter. Hunter pairs that are good. Monster class setups or can you plz leave a link that talks about a new meta. Thank you!


Kraken meta :kraken_stare:


Try this thread mate. :slightly_smiling:

Edit: Let me know if that’s what you were looking for.


Waggie as op


Kraken OP af


Sunny still annoying af


Kraken is the new META!!!


Kraken - Wasteland Maggie (OP)

Best comb : Slim - Hank


Kraken is the monster.

®Val + Hank/Sunny (hank is arguably better against kraken, but shes arguably better against the other monsters)+ Crow/Griff/WlMaggie + Torvald/Hyde for hunters.


Not sure If I want to ‘‘like’’ the post or cry for it’s vicious truth X-D


Just like, it’s the Truth. :tara_erg:


Kraken OP
Behemoth UP (on PC)
Lazarus UP
Slim UP against some Monsters
Bucket UP
Cabot slightly UP
Sunny still too stronk compared to the others
Wasteland Maggie OP
Jack still OP imo but no one seems to be talking about him anymore
Lennox UP


I dont even play jack since his last nerf anymore


but is there really a “best” in this game


Bucket laz lennox Mad maggs :smiley:


Also, Laz /Bucket is completly underrated in my Opinion.


this was exactly what i was looking for thank you


People are still complaining about Sunny?..Lol


Kraken - undodgeable abilities
Waggie - OP damage and CC
Torvald - too bursty and can still aim above him for instant&massive damages
Slim&Hank combo - auto-win against players having problems with spores

And no, Cabot and Bucket are more than viable, people just never give them a try because they’re used to shields.
Laz can’t be considered UP or OP, he could either doom the hunters or the monster.


And don’t pick Laz because his revive glove doesn’t work in a lot of situations resulting in a loss!

But yeah kraken is the only thing truly OP at present,all hunters took a nerf last patch like Sunny etc