Whats the most populated area (server)on steam?


Hello everyone.

After a year or so away from the game, I’m in the mood again to play it, but in my country it seems zero ppl play it, so I would like to know, whats the best choice in US server to pick up? I tried Miami because of timezone, but it seems it took too long to find a match, waited for like 20+min.


A dev said changing your steam region doesn’t change the location the game looks for matches in.


really? wow, so its Evolve player base so low nowadays? i just can’t find a match :confused:


In your region it might be. Evolve has separate matchmaking regions but changing your steam settings doesn’t affect it if I recall correctly.


It does change, I wouldn’t find any games if it weren’t for it.


that explains how i got some matches after i changed to Miami server, but its yet taking some time to find it, even in Play Now, so, does any1 knows whats the better US server to pick up?


I don’t know how switching state-to-state would work but I always set just set it to LA or Germany.


if you click the link it has a bunch of links to phnix saying you’re wrong.


Well it works for me, at least in quickplay.

When I have my download region in Malaysia I won’t find games, have waited for 20 minutes to test it but found games under five minutes when I switched it US or West EU.