What's the most popular playlist?


Hello everyone! Getting back into the game after about 6 months out.
Was wondering which playlist has more active players on a daily basis (On PC)

I’m trying hunt, but its taking a very long time, I know the player base is small, but there are still a hundred or so people…I think 30 minutes for a match is still a bit long.

Perhaps its my rank? Silver expert…maybe not enough people around my skill level?

Regardless, do you guys think I’d have better luck in quick-play?


In PC, there are specific times of day where Hunt is more popular, however the majority of the time, Quickplay is quicker.
It also comes down to what you play. Hunter or Monster.


For quickest games I find quick-play and no prefference to work the fastest… less than 1 minute always. :slight_smile:


I like playing monster exclusively, don’t care too much for being a hunter without a pre-made team, or at least all mics :stuck_out_tongue:


Quick-play is likely the playlist you’re going to find matches in, as many players seem to be avoiding ranked after the latest patch. (I only do QP and Evac anyway :stuck_out_tongue:)


Yeah, quickplay got me into some games.
Quite fun