What's the map Paladin Parnell is in?


I mean the world reminds me of a map from Legacy and I never saw these tentacles in any map before.


If anything, it looks completely new, but I could be wrong
Maybe a variation?


could be the map with wooden houses. I forgot name but there is tree with bones this close.


If you ask me, it looks like a portal from Excavation mode whenever you had that portal benefit for monster which is behind Parnell. But who knows it could be anything


It’s completely new, possibly the next map variant. And… uh… are those Kraken wings?


Yes. They’re plants now.


Hentai map confirmed.


Just make sure not to pick val or you’re screwed


It looks to me like Wraith Trap but made much darker and they buried Krakens everywhere.


What do you mean?


read the post above me


Next variation of Distillery??


Eh, the trees dont look like the ones in Distillery and it doesnt look snowy enough. However, I do like the idea of a Kraken themed variation after getting Gorgon and Meteor Goliath (based on theme) map variations.


Sexeh timeh! Make sure to get grounder perks!


What’s with the grounder perks? I can’t see anything sexy about it.


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The tentacles looks like kraken wings.


They are Kraken wings.
They just modified a map to creative a cool backdrop for him, this isn’t a map variation. He’s the savior from out of the darkness remember.


Its so they cant get away

Back on topic though:
Obviously this isnt real, but the ideas that can come of it are pretty cool. So here is mine: A coop exclusive map with Kraken as the antagonist. Its the map Weather Control, and the premise is that the control tower has been destroyed by the Monsters, and now there is an incredible lightning storm in the area due to the surface level metals. Kraken is harnessing this storm’s power to strengthen itself, and the Kraken’s prolonged presense in the area has begun to corrupt it. The tentacles are the product of this corruption, and they grab Hunters that get to close, keeping them in place so they could potentially be attacked by the Kraken, or struck by the periodic lightning strikes that are effecting the map (similarly to the meteors in cataclysm).

Now how cool would that be?


You mean Refueling Tower or?

Not exactly, those portals looked cooler and were bigger.