What's the general consensus on abilities getting strong as you level up?


That was my number one gripe with the alpha. I don’t like that higher level players automatically have a leg up on you just because they have higher stats. Even if it’s a small bonus, like an extra 3% damage output, it can make a huge difference in a game as carefully balanced as Evolve. I also think that this could hurt the possible competitive scene. Would everyone participating have to have maxed out all of the abilities so it’s fair? I wish that players just unlocked skins or decals or taunts. Nothing that effects game play. What does everyone else think? I would make a poll, but I don’t know how.


The perks can be turned off in custom games, however, I think most people will be max level after a week or two even from casual play. That being said, if someone has 10% damage and you don’t and you are matched with them, it means that on average they need that handicap to be at your skill level. I don’t think it’s a big deal outside of the tippy top best gamers and they’ll have everything unlocked within a couple days and/or have them disabled for tournaments in custom games.


Don’t care. Skill trumps the bonuses.


Oh, I wasn’t aware they could be turned off in custom games. That’s good to know.


Yup. One of the nice things is that if Perks do become unbalanced it’s nice to turn them off. However, I like the added strategy involving them for the most part :slight_smile:


Matchmaking should place you in games with people around your level. So they should also have perks and abilities leveled up around yours.

But I do agree that it is strange to unlock these things on a game that relies on balance. The feeling of unlocking and working towards things is what people like though.


I would rather have small increases in stats like these then full weapon/kit unlocks :stuck_out_tongue: You can’t use shotguns until you are level X! Sillyness. Payday 2 is an offender of this. I don’t mind the early levels have gated locks, but being super high level to unlock a toy is silly.


The Perk system is weighted by the matchmaking system, so extremely high level players won’t be paired with low levels.

In the competitive scene, I doubt it would make any difference. If you’re good enough to be competitive, you’ll be max level anyway.

[quote=“Offlebaggins, post:1, topic:25549, full:true”]I would make a poll, but I don’t know how.

For future reference, add “Poll:” to the beginning of your post, and then just make a bulleted list, and it will automatically make a poll.


Yea, if you think about it: If high level players get matched up with high level players they have the same buffs. So in the end they are technically evenly matched. In the end, it still comes down to skill.


I think it was a silly decision, advanced players don’t need more of an advantage of newbies. But in the long run I don’t think that the number of matches where someone is unmaxed will be significant enough to worry about.


The hope is there is enough people that you should always be playing against someone your level, if you start playing on day/week one you’ll definitely get matched with people your level


I absolutely love the mastery system, it made an already great game 10x better. I can sort of see why people might not like it, but eh. I loves it.

People act like a level 50 guy is regularly going to fight a level 1 guy, that’s not how it works. You get scaled to people of your level.


So are the stats that go up the same at each mastery lvl?

Example I remember Goliaths Flame Breath got like 2% more range, does that mean that the only upgrades it gets are range each mastery lvl or is it different each time.

I only played Goliath in the Alpha enough to unlock Kraken then i just stuck with him (which is why I’m asking) and didn’t get to the second tier before it was over.


IIRC stats go up the more you use the ability. So every ‘x’ damage you do with flame breath you get an added amount of range until you max it out. It worked the same for all the hunter weapons too. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Given how easy/quick it was to unlock the perks in alpha I am not so fussed about them.


That and a full round of Evac should speed that up too.

Dead Island also did this, well in a different sense like YOU MUST BE LEVEL 10 TO WIELD THIS LEAD PIPE!

RPG games confuse me sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:


That one I can understand as a way of giving you strength for the increased health/armor of mobs.


Yeah but I meant like, it’s a lead pipe, and I can’t pick it up because I’m not a certain level? IT’S JUST A LEAD PIPE! :stuck_out_tongue:


Fair enough :stuck_out_tongue:


I personally agree with you, OP, I loathe shallow metaleveling systems that exist purely to give the easily distracted a bar to fill and screw up balance in the progress.

However, TRS justified their application of it, and did so well I might add - They figured out the point at which the game is balanced, and then lowered the power of stuff by 10%, and that’s when you start. When you reach the maximum number ( which shouldn’t be too hard to get ), you’ll be playing at the " true " value. The reasoning for implementing it in the first place is nothing more than to give beginners an easier time - They’ll have more time to see what’s going on and to learn how to react to certain things.