What's the fate of evolve?


Yes this thread again. Although let’s stay away from the blame game. Let’s just focus on what you think might happen next.

So what do you think will happen next? Do you think this game will have a large sale due to the player base drop, or become free to play possibly giving the game a second chance to recover. Perhaps there will be no recover plan? What do you think?


It depends on what 2K wants to do…unfortunately.


Do you think 2K cares enough about this game to fix the problem? :confused: I want to see this game alive again.


I pray this game will go F2P, or else there’s not going to be content going forward. Maybe there will be an Evolve 2, but I won’t be paying another 60 bucks for a new set of maps, monsters, and hunters. I would probably move onto something else by then.


I would hope they care, as continued support of the game means more money for the company. I just don’t think it’d gonna ever be a F2P…nor would I want to see that. A sale is probably what will happen…although I’d prefer other routes to gaining a player base than just looking at dollar signs. Then again, with large companies, that’s really all that is taken note of I feel.


The game will probably die out by fall, fast and harder than Titanfall. Just with a toxic community filled by unbalanced hunters.

Free to play, could work for the game as it has the model for it. Unlike Titanfall.


I think that first and foremost, they need to address bugs that are still rooting their way into the game. Faster patching and updates to what currently stands, Its not like they arent aware of what’s happening… But there just doesn’t seem to be any sense of urgency to repair anything.

I’m disappointed as I absolutely love this game, it’s on my top 20 and I hope that it doesn’t end up collecting dust on the shelf or being removed for taking up valuable memory. Its a shame that I’m slowly losing faith… Yet saying that I will remain loyal until it’s inevitable death :smile:


Well i did get some kinda 2k lab sign up recently like yesterday at 8pm about some kinda research thing xD, most of the questions were evolve related.


I agree, the bugs and server problems need to be fixed asap. This is the best game I’ve played in years, but I can hardly give it my full recommendation because of the seemingly infinite amount of bugs.


Idk, I don’t want it to die but I think it will, maybe F2P or something could save it but as I said, I just dunno. Love the concept, Love the devs, Love everything, but my interest is just dropping game after game since its the same thing each time.
A stupid hunter comp that everyone and their mother uses because it makes it easy for them.
But I digress.
Hopin things will get better, got some really fuckin high hopes haha, but idk.


No they don’t, they go with what’s profitable. Like they shut down the 2k14 servers in favor of 2k15


In all honesty, despite what others say about F2P, I think that there’s a setup for it.
Skins are being released a lot more than fixes to make money from what currently stands. On that note they are successful sellers.
Soon there will be enough purchasable content to warrant a free game and make their profits on that alone.

The community is strong in ideas, bug reporting and General upkeep. If the developers take on board feedback then there could be so much more.
Let’s cross our fingers and hold our breaths… If they are fast enough then the remaining few with the best lung capacity will keep everything going and can sigh in relief!


Maybe, I just know that I’ll keep playing as long as I can find at least one non-Sunny lobby per night. Thats when I can have fun, and thats all I really care about


As long as we don’t lose everyone, I believe we can keep this community ‘running’.


You all have to understand that suddenly making Evolve F2P would set those that paid full price ablaze with ire. Not everyone of course, but a good sum of people would feel like they were taken advantage of. I don’t know if they would abandon the game but I’m just saying those people would probably need some type of compensation.


Yeah this, I would be pretty pissed off if they made it F2P and didn’t compensate me somehow.


As long as they offered some really nice exclusive stuff to the people that bought the game then I think they could get away with f2p.


Yeah, and it would have to be considerable compensation as well…like an entire new tier of hunters with a monster for free to them…and even then I could see a lot of complaints.

My suggestion would be this…free week(s) of Evolve. Anyone that can download can play for free for a set time frame. Coincide this with a small sale…nothing major, maybe 15%-25% off list or offer some inclusive DLC instead. You don’t want it to seem like they are begging for players and are on their last ditch effort. I still don’t think they are but the numbers don’t lie and there is something that needs to be done.


F2P doesn’t usually mean suddenly the full game is available to everyone for free, I’d be surprised if Evolve doesn’t go F2P at some point, but I’d also be surprised if it gave you access to more than tier 1 hunters and Goliath.

Edit: And I don’t know Xbox/PS4 numbers, but it may well be that it’s just the PC that needs attention, and I’m not sure that anything can happen on that front short of a very aggressive try before you buy campaign or F2P conversion


F2P wouldn’t mean give away everything that you paid $60 for. probably either just the 1st tier + goliath, or rotating cast of one hunter per class and one monster. If they kept the pricing where it is ($7.50 per hunter is about on par with LoL) anyone who wanted to own everything in the base game would still be shelling out well in excess of $60 anyway. So what would you have to complain about if you bought the base game?