What's the deal with Torvald?


I mean come on. He’s had some pretty bad things happen to him, yes. I mean he got ripped to pieces by a Monster. And he probably could’ve sustained some form of brain injury.

But what the hell is with his language? Let me just say I love his character- it’s been done perfectly, excellent work @Matthew. I’m just wondering if there’s a canonical reason why Torvald sounds like a little kid role-playing that one weird game about jail and dragons. I mean come on:

  • I have crossed the depths of space to find you, beast.
  • Vengeance is mine!
  • Do you feel that, beast? My shrapnel digging into your Hyde? (hurhurhurhurhur.)
  • I am your doom, beast. The doom of your entire species!

I mean these are all pretty strange, but the one that takes the cake is this:

"Blast. I am mortal again!" Upon his shield expiring. Does Torvald think he’s god? Did he bang his head and confuse Torvald with Thorvald? What’s the deal?

Is there a lore reason as to why Torvald is constantly LARPing, or was it just…for kicks? Mainly addressed to @Matthew here. :slight_smile:

To be clear, love Torvald’s design, character, his lines. Just wondering if there is an actual reason in the lore as to his…eccentricity. I also mean no offence to LARPers, Norweigans or Mr Bean.


What do you mean? Every norwegian speaks like that. Up north, there’s not so much light and that makes people gloomy.


Shh. You’ll offend @MrTalha.


I imagine the robotics and the trauma probably had a serious effect on his mental state in an emotional if not physical one as well.

You’d be pretty angry to if your friends got torn apart and you had to replace your body with robotics,presumably not to well either judging by his quotes and the scarring around his torso near the robotics.


I’m a LARPER and I find this offensive!

No but I’m guessing it’s simply because he’s got a very dramatic personality. He’s really the only person in the hunter team who seems to truly hate these monsters (possibly Maggie). But him and Maggie are terrifying together.


What are you talking about? Norweigians legit speak that way sometimes. Besides, it’s to compliment his viking nature.

He’s overdarmatic, too.


Oh, sorry! I didn’t mean to offend LARPers, I just wondered whether Torvald is one or if he’s just…I don’t know, Mr Bean with guns?

@Colin_Swan I can understand that.

@LaggerCZE They do?




I’m from Finland and I can confirm that they really talk that way, when they have time from all that viking ship -building.


The monster took something very precious from him. Seeing tov’s lower half is practically 100% mech, I be pretty piss off that them monsters took my…u know…whatever monster took his dick, so he’s grumpy. He is also viking and that’s how grumpy viking sounds.


…Thank you. For that…charming mental image. Although one of our devs already said that Torvald is naked 24/7…Not sure which is worse. :confused:


There’s always one if them around to give you that one mental image…

On the note of Torvald being in his birthday suit 24/ 7 just try to think of it as his actual suit of armour…

honest to god i didnt notice he isnt wearing a suit at all until i finished a gaming seasion and went back to the menu…


I think he is a bit of a play-pretend tryhard. It’s been especially noticable with the Sunny/Puppy dialogue. Maybe it’s overcompensating because he got rekted before.


Very chraming indeed. You’re too bothered by simple images :slight_smile:


Sigh. Of course my phone won’t correct that one but it makes the most painfully awkward, disgusting autocorrects otherwise. -_-


I don’t use it. I’m sure it probably helps type faster sometimes but I type fast enough and people keep complaining about crap like: [quote=“MidnightRoses, post:15, topic:51988”]
most painfully awkward, disgusting autocorrects

and some people that are reliant on it are horrible at typing on their own. Would rather stay in practise.


I never, ever rely on it. It’s just a safety net in case I do slip up and fail to notice. It’s done more harm than good, actually.


Also, didn’t you get that LARPing thing from me? :stuck_out_tongue:



Okay, yes, I did. I had no idea what it was until then. :stuck_out_tongue:


That annoying feeling when people mention norweigans as vikings and not swedes ._.