What's the best Xbox One headset?


I’ve been looking into getting a headset for my Xbox One (one that didn’t come free with the system lol) and I was wondering what advice everyone could offer up for me. I was looking at the Stealth 500x mostly because they’re wireless, but idk much else about what’s out there (or might be coming soon).


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What is your budget for a headset?


I’m not that picky on budget. I wouldn’t mind paying $200 for a nice headset, but it would need to be with it.


I asked a similar question recently. Here’s what was suggested to me.

I have Astro A40’s that I absolutely love, but with two young kids I am selling my whole set to move into something wireless as well.

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I have these.

I have heard people say Turtle Beach headsets don’t last, but I find it is how well you look after them. The xo seven pro headset I have is amazing. The sound quality is incredible and they are wireless to your Xbox One (they do plug into your controller though). They are very comfortable even after hours and hours of wearing them so I would definitely recommend them.

Hope this helps. :smile:


I would avoid turtle beach. I have a set that I needed to hot glue to keep together after a year of normal adult use. They produce cheap crap and the sound quality is lacking.

I have a set of Astro A40s that I love. They have a loose around ear fit and the sound quality is great if you get the amp with it. Still good even without the amp. The Astros breathe well and feel lightweight but not cheap.

I use the logitech set linked above at work. Sound quality is similar to the Astros (without amp) but the fit is really snug, it holds your head. It’s also heavier. They don’t breath well either so my ears get hot. They do their job but I prefer the Astros.

And if you’re wondering, it’s totally worth paying a little more for a better set. The sound quality increase and surround sound makes playing games so much more fun.


I have had a set of Turtle Beach x11’s for just over 5 years I think. They still work as well as they did when I bought them and are still in excellent condition.
Not saying you’re wrong or anything, but if you take good care of them then they should last a long time. :wink:


Logitech is your best bet, don’t go with turtle beach or Razor


Mine are X12s that are about 4 years old. They started wearing out around the end of the first year. What happened with mine is the wires started shorting out, first on the Left side then the Right. This happened just from putting the headset on and off over time. I had to carefully glue them in place (they no longer swivel) otherwise I wouldn’t get sound. They still work… the sound is still the same, but the build quality is lacking.


Fair enough then. I must be really lucky with headsets then.
The xo seven pro’s I have seem quite durable, but only time will tell. :smile:


Really the only reason I was considering Turtle Beach at all was because they seem to be the only ones with fully wireless headsets, I’m tired of having my dogs pull my headset off.


Or I could just be really unlucky.

Even though you are happy with your Seven Pro’s I would highly recommend trying out some Astro or Logitech surround headphones. I was perfectly happy with my busted up Turtle Beaches until I went to E3 and played BF4 with a pair of Astros on their demo machines. It was the difference between hearing a rocket launcher being fired with the TB headeset I had at home, and hearing the rocket pass by my head with the Astro’s. The first time it happened I literally ducked because it was so convincing. Surround headsets just bring games to life, I’m never going back.

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Headsets are so susceptible to opinion. Everybody’s head and ears are different-- but I’ve only ever had bad experiences with Turtle Beaches.

I don’t find them comfortable, the sound quality is average at best, and the microphone on all of my friend’s TB’s were horrid. Their voices were constantly distorted and painful to listen to.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Astros. I think they’re comfortable, light, and high quality. I’ve had a pair of generation 1 A40s from 2007 and I use them for EVERYTHING. Listening to music, playing guitar, gaming, etc.

I’m actually going to be buying a new pair of the Halo 5 edition for my Xbox, and plan to keep the old set permanently wired to my computer. Hopefully they’re still making them like they used to…


I’ll probably go for something other than Turtle Beach next time I need a new pair and I’ll make sure to look at astro’s. I haven’t had my current headset for long so I hope that time isn’t soon. :smiley:


I have the Skull Candy Slyer headset, and they’ve never been anything but durable, and reliable. Never had an issue with them, they plug directly into the headset adapter, and they are crystal clear. Has a fold in mic, and are very lightweight and comfortable. Also, at $60 USD, they are a fraction of the price of Turtle Beach or Astros, and comparable in sound quality. They also work perfectly to plug into a music device for dual functionality of you’re not gaming. Never had a better pair of headphones in my life.

I managed a gaming store for a long time, and these were the headphones I recommended to all of the serious gamers like myself. Worth every penny.


Try a HyperX Cloud II with the Xbox One Headset Adapter it’s a single 4-pole jack, so you can plug it in directly without the need of a splitter. Stellar quality, metal rails , extremely comfortable (I have big ears, so that’s rare for me, lol). Good audio, mic is meh.


I use the xo seven from turtle beach.
Hit the sound booster and you can dome a monster without even needing to see it.

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I got some Astro A50s. They sound great and are pretty wireless… the only wire is the one from the controller to the headset. I think it’s around an 8 hour battery life before it needs to recharge. The downside is the cost though… Pretty expensive for a headset. I got mine cheap though :stuck_out_tongue:

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I stand by Logitech because I have never had a pair die on me yet.
Some people I play Evolve with that have headset issue are ones that own Turtle Beach or Astro. They’re always having to fix it so there isn’t echoing in party chat and one friend had his mic completely die on his pair of Astros, so it’s been hard playing with a mute support lol

I just have a pair of cheap Logitech g230s at the moment because of life and expenses, but I’m really happy with them. I have no trouble with them and I’m always the one on the team who hears the monster first :smile:

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