What's the best way to coach new players?


So I recently got two of my good friends into evolve. We love playing co-op games and always have great fun togheter. That said I’m the only one with knowledge about the game so I’ve got to coach them.

Any of you knows where to start?


Get them to try out every hunter class vs a favored hunters monster. This way they can determine their preferred role. If they don’t like playing as a team, go ahead and get them to try the monster. After that I recommend throwing some quick play in the mix of it all. If they decide that they don’t like Evolve after that, then it sucks :frowning:. If they do like it, it’s just a matter of practicing!


And if you Play against them, give them some feedback. Like “you can also use your lazarus device for downed hunters to prevent strikes” :grin:


I would say, just play with them and then teach them while playing.

You can tell them anything you want, but if they don’t experience it ingame it has no effect and they’ll forget it again.
So just tell them whatever is useful in a specific situation you are in.

Example: You don’t have to explain every wildlife to them, but if you run past a tyrant you could explain what he does.
And you don’t have to explain Kraken’s abilities when playing against Goliath.

I wouldn’t go into a custom with the goal to “Teach them this thing”. I would just play in quick play and give tips from time to time. Let them explore the game themselves with a little help from you. A lot of fun in Evolve comes from exploring the maps and discovering new things. Don’t take that feeling away from them completely.
That way it will be more fun for them and it will probably have a better learning effect than constantly spamming them with knowledge that they don’t need yet ^^


Like any game it all comes with practice. The main thing to do is just try to keep them interested in the game. Having fun is the most important part, if you’re not having fun then there’s no point in playing. :smile:

Start off playing against an ai monster, go through all 7 and see which ones they enjoyed fighting the most. Play against those monsters to make sure they’re having fun whilst learning the basics and try to get them to play every class as Jev said. Get them to play monster too at some point if they want. It’s always good to play as the opposing team from time to time.

Once they’ve learned the basics and have found which hunters/monsters they like then move to quickplay. From then on just enjoy yourself. Don’t take it too seriously as winning isn’t everything. (I’m sure you know that part though :smile:)

That’s about all the advice I can give you. I hope they stick around. :slightly_smiling:

  1. Teach them to not be Kraken tryhard players.
  2. Teach them to not pick the same OP characters over and over.
  3. Then just do what Jev said.


Just don’t play kraken against your friends… trust me XD


Most important thing you can teach them is:

Just do your job.

If you’re assault, damage
If you’re medic, focus on healing not damage.
If you’re support, support your team
If you’re trapper, CC, not damage.

Always encourage team play. Explain the synergy of the roles and have them understand that you’re only as good as your team. No solo hunting. Work as a unit.

This is the most common problem that I encounter online with new players. Everyone seems to think its CoD and they love to run off lone wolf and try to kill the monster themselves. Especially those Laz players who think cloak and sniper rifle equals monster death.


I find the best way to coach new players, is to curse them repeatedly throughout the match…

For example: there’s tracks & bird sign in a obvious direction, but trappers is running other way — My coaching method: ping wildly and reply “hey you dumb fuck the monster is this way stupid”


Play against them and LET. THEM. WIN. But only by the skin of their teeth. The worst thing about Evolve is when you get destroyed by a highly superior player, the best is when it is a close game and the Hunters work together to defeat a slightly better player. Then say, “The reason I got away here is… Dont do that.” and “The reason you did so much damage here is because… Try to do that more often.”


I feel one of the best ways is to been in the same teamspeak so you can talk back and forth and go in spectator mode. This will let you see the whole map as well as different PoVs. If you can record/stream it even better because you can rewind the video and point things out from different PoVs. I feel spectating mode has a lot to offer when coaching, but then again I’m slightly bias with spectating and coaching :smiley:

I would recommend teaching them the basics of hunting (Splits, tracks, signs of movement, sounds) and then work on dome engagements (Positioning, when to be aggressive etc…) and go from there. Arena might be a good place to start as it teaches them the mechanics the different hunters and monsters have, doesn’t require ‘hunting’ and lets them figure out jetpack management etc… Then bring them into hunt.


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