Whats the best gfx card to run evolve on max settings?


im playing on a intel I7 Intel® Core™ I7-4770 CPU @ 3,40GHZ
Ram: 8GB
GFX card: Nividia Geforce GTX 650 atm and just get barely 25 fps with medium / low. i absolutely love the game, its just that the lagg is killing my joy to play :frowning:. can anyone recommend me a good graphic card in order to run Evolve on max settings? and with max settings i mean just everything on high using anti lasing and vsync.


I have similar setup to you but with a 770GTX 2GB and runs Max settings fine, frames vary between 40-60, which is totally playable.


oh alright


I’m using a 970 FTW and I get 90+ constant on max settings.


probably getting the 970 then :smile:


Just to give you an idea, I’m running a Intell 3570k, 8GBs Ram,and a Nvidia 660TI stock clock. I can run avg 60fps with medium settings. If money is no question, I’d get the 970 myself to hopefully play it at max/60fps. 970’s go for well over $300 atm. If you want something around the $200 range, I’m sure the Nvidia 960 will run it even better than my setup.