Whats the advantage of the first 3 rounds of evacuation?


It seams to me that there isn’t much point in trying to win the first 3 rounds of evacuation other than just an exp bonus at the end of the game. I’m sure there is something wrong with this and I’m eager for someone to tell me what it is, but is it not a viable strategy to just lose the first 3 rounds of evacuation, build up a nice auto-balance buff, and then have a nice advantage going in to the 4th round so that you can secure the special effect for the defend round (the only one that matters) while the opposition only has a small auto-balance?
I just feel like its ridiculous that you can win every round and still have gained almost nothing to help you in the final battle.


Win every round you play because pride? I don’t need to lose the first 3 to win the last two. I’m going to win every round.

Why play competitive multiplayer with any other mindset?


Winning in evacuation gives more XP, no matter the result of the last mission.

Evacuation (and winning each map) will give you the most XP out of every other mode. Play evac to level up, then play each other mode individually if you want a balanced match.



Winning inEvacuation is more for leveling. I can see people wanting to max out their stat growth by going Evac then moving onto the classic hunt mode.


To be honest! I am excited to discover all the winning perks for both monster and Hunters so I do honestly not care if I win or lose cus either way I will find more of those perks to enjoy :D!


Dont put all my eggs in one basket?
I cant help it, I buy five dozen and it just comes like that :stuck_out_tongue:


I know. Supermarkets are the devil. They sell my friends/family there :frowning:


If you are playing a game and think to yourself “I don’t see the point of winning” you are playing a horrible game or pvp games aren’t for you


Not sure what kind of advantage you have losing the first three rounds. Just because you get small buffs doesn’t mean anything, now you’ll just go into the fourth match at a disadvantage because the monster/hunters won the third and got the perk.