What's parnells role to fill in the assault class


im not sure what his role is supposed to be as an assault. Markov brings safe zones and long range aoe. hyde brings area denial and close range damage. torvald brings the long range and close range burst. so what does parnell bring? what role in assault does he fill?


Parnell brings intense, sustained (for the duration of super soldier) damage at the expense of area denial.


Parnell brings death in the form of an explosive shotgun.
He trades in utility for pure, unadulterated damage, and my goodness is he scurry


isnt that what torvald does though?


Parnell brings constant and reliable damage output. He can output damage with almost no down time since both his weapons require no set up.


Parnell does the damage.


Markov: konstant damage
Hide: AOE-damage
Torvald: ranged damage
Parnell: hiest damage, but difficult to play in terms of hp and aim
All assaults should damage, provoke and tank the monster. Pls tell me if I am wrong.


Torvald is long range burst damage, Parnell is a bit more reliable and harder to get away from due to his weapon having almost 0 travel time. Bit more sustained.


I don’t understand where u are getting that Markov brings long range AOE


Play Parnell like a Shock Trooper.

His Super Soldier is a burst damage type ability. With Parnell, his biggest weakness is getting knocked around, as it wastes his ability.

Use SS ONLY to punish the Monster when it is focused on someone else. That is how you use him. If the Monster is focused on you, it will try to push you away. During that time, just tank the damage and wait for the Monster to flee or move to one of your teammates.

That is when you amp up the damage to make sure that he is punished when he isn’t focused on you.


Parnell’s theme is supposed to be borderline overpowered damage at the tradeoff of significant chunks of health. But right now Torvold trumps him handily.


I feel like hes a mobile safe zone when SS is up.


Hes a mobile danger zone >~>


Depends if your on the business end of the shotgun


Yep. I wish Parnell would be picked more, hes always a fun fight. Much more fun than Thor, hes in my face, not half the dome away >_>


I see him quite a bit on xbox its markov i never see anymore ppl underestimate him now with the changes to the mines


Parnell just brings good old fashion ass kicking to the table.


Thor and Sunny are all i ever see anymore, kinda saddening


And this is why I think people are crying OP Kraken so much now. Not so much Sunny, but Torvald and Slim. Everyone is playing them and both do not play well against Kraken.

I predict a Kraken nerf will happen and it will ruin Kraken completely.

But @Out2kill has some good thoughts on Parnell :smile:


The only legitimate reason i see for calling Kraken OP is the fact he ignores almost all CC at the moment >~>
I used to be able to take Krakens out of the air, then i took a patch to the game