What's next

Everybody has read it a billion times
What is next for tier 5. My guess is first week of October we should see at least a teaser of some sort like with jacks audio clips. I would also like to see some new maps at some point maybe based of the monster idk what do you want to see next maps, monster,hunter,game mode etc


I would like the Monster to be released in October for Halloween (hoping the Hunting Season 2 exclusive skin for it is orange or something else Halloweeny; or having one released with it like the Behemoth did), Halloween themed Monster skins for Monsters 1-4 if not all 5, and some kind of spooky map like a giant graveyard or something that’ll be really creepy to the Hunters perspective.


I’m hoping for the monster next. It would be awesome to have a Halloween release for the monster.


It’s pretty much been pointed out that the monster will be next.

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Please release on halloween, thats when i get back from europe.

I wouldn’t mind if the monster decided to show up earlier than Halloween :slight_smile:


YES! Earlier so that we can be familiar with it by Halloween :smile:

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I actually hope it comes out in 3-4 weeks. Halloween is way too far lol.


We just got MG though. I feel like a release on the tuesday before Halloween would be fine.

Maybe with the size of the monster
We could get a building/outside map
Like a hospital or something that fits mood with the parasite monster

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Perhaps a candy skin for the monsters

I want a cupcake skin for every Monster

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Characters seem to be coming out every 2 months, and so with the tweet from Shaners saying that the Monster would be released between Hunters, it’s safe to assume Monster is next.

I’ve been saying October for quite a while now simply because it makes sense to have the Monster come out in the middle for the players, as well as for the marketing teams at 2K to have it available for fun Halloween advertisements, and before the Holiday season starts in November here in the US.

We will get a teaser most likely the 1st week of October, and the Monster either on October 6th, 13th, or 20th. They always release on a Tuesday.

MG was a bonus. He’s still Goliath to me. With a twist. I want a new one sooner than later.

If they decide to release it 4 days before Halloween I’m fine with that

All that comes to mind.

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I think monster is definitely coming out next, around Halloween. As for what I want? Some new maps, hopefully not broken ones like the murder pits, where you’re screwed by chance because there are two hunter favored arenas, two monster favored ones, and one neutral.

As much I like the industrial maps
I think we could use some more natural maps with elements like snow and such
Or a desert would be cool