What's Next for Evolve?


Anyone have any idea what the future plans for evolve are? Like when new maps and modes may arrive? Let me just say, this is already my favorite video game! Can’t wait to see more!!


They’re being worked on- MacMan confirmed that a new map and mode are in development, as well as the Tier 4 Hunters and Behemoth. No ETA as of yet, though.


There’s no eta on anything really. :confused:


DISCLAIMER: This is all information I saw online, It may or may not be correct.

I have heard that during the Evolve live stream this Friday they will be talking a lot about the patch, and that the patch can be expected AS EARLY as the following Friday.

AGAIN, this is all scuttlebutt.


Eh. I guess I have a lot of perfecting to do in the mean time ^^ haha


Oh! Okay! Well I will have to look into that :slight_smile: thank you!


Oh! I can’t wait to see the new map and mode! Along with the new hunters! Very exciting!


We may be waiting a while yet. I imagine they’ll prioritize bugs and issues, then dedicate themselves to DLC.


Yeah probably so: /


So, Mac himself stated that the progress wipes on XBONE is the priority. After that we’ll get a sneak peak of the balance update this friday, patchnotes included.

I suppose them designers are working on Behemoth and the new gamemode as of now.


i hope the next patch is not so big :open_mouth:
but im tense of the new hunters and a little bit of the behemoth^^



10 char


behemoth soon, 4 new hunters hopefully soon after that, im really hoping 5th monster this year (but not holding my breath) probably 5th and 6th hunters next year.


I hope there are no 5the and 6the tier’s or 5the and 6the monsters if it’s just gonna be another grindfest like it is now.


i highly doubt they would be locked behind a paywall AND a grind wall.


the grindwall is already there


for base content not for paid dlc.


which is what people are currently playing


THIS, i don’t give a rats ass about future plans until this is resolved, I haven’t touched the game in about 5 days because I lost everything and have no desire to play til I get it back (biggest annoyance was losing my elite skins for kraken and wraith them shits are a royal pain in the ass to get)