Whats last chance guarantee mean?


I guess I just don’t understand because gamestop says they are still giving away Big Alpha codes. And I just told my friend to pre order the game later this week, so does that mean he isn’t guaranteed a spot even after pre order and getting a big alpha code from game stop?


i think 2 days ago was the last day you could get access to alpha w/ pre order


Ya but why is gamestop still giving away codes for pre order if that was last chance? And shouldn’t the 30th be last chance lol… And what about all the people that pre ordered from Amazon and still haven’t gotten codes what about their guarantee? And what about these game stop codes? Are they useless now if you get them today or tomorrow?


It’s more that the people had already preordered and the companies are just giving them the codes to the people around now. Also the codes need to be used before the 30th as turtlerock/2K need to decide who’s in and out of the alpha and organise the download codes for all of them, but they are still good today or tomorrow.


If your friend pre-orders and doesn’t get a code let us know.


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