What's inside a Rattlesnake Rattle?



Damn that was kinda disgusting but very interesting O.O

Thanks God this was a death snake i cant see Animals get killed, i really love Animals more as Humans :stuck_out_tongue:


That was both fascinating and uncomfortable to witness.


This was an interesting video


Basically the tail consists of remains of the shedded skin. It dries up and hardens, giving the snake the ability to rattle their tail. Other snakes can do the same, however, it won’t produce any sound. Sometimes tough, non-rattlesnakes rattle their tails through leaves, creating al sound and fooling predators into thinking they’re a rattlesnake


I honestly don’t see why everyone was disgusted. There was no gore, or anything. I found it fascinating, not disturbing. Please explain to me why this was such an issue, thankyou.

Unless some keratin makes you all weirded-out.


In most cases, me too :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok but why do they look so angry all the time

Seriously they just always look like their jimmies are rustled beyond comprehension


I have skinned many snakes in my time. Eaten a few of them afterwards too.

I never understood why people would find that sort of work gross.


Maybe because they’re sick of people wanting to know what’s inside of their rattle