Whats happened?


So I find news that there is a stream at 6pm ET that will announce the new weekend challenge., I think a stream? how odd? maybe there is something bigger in the process. So I live in the UK and work out that I should log onto the Stream at 11pm my time. So I do and the stream is offline until 11pm at which point I find it starts hosting a stream that’s almost finished? Massive network it’s called, I watch him play monster a couple of times and he talks about the 5th monster (Has that been announced or something?) so I expect that after the hosting has finished the actual Evolve stream will commence and I will get the info. Nothing happens. The stream closes nothing else comes up, so I come to the Forums and find that there is an update rolling out tonight? obviously the maps but apparently something else? but nobody seems to know what exactly.

So I’m told there will be a stream, I watch the last quarter of a hosted stream that…tells me nothing. Come to forums to see nobody knows anything about this update I mean…what’s going on?! Has the 5th monster been announced? when I came onto the forums the challenge weekend was already up as Parnell. Did I miss the steam massively? If so why didn’t it work? and what’s happening with this update? there is no official news about this stuff.


The stream just mentioned the balance patch, the weekend challenge (which is pinned) and the two new maps dropping in a couple hours for ps4 and pc.


Did it? I loaded the stream up at 10:30 there was nothing. Then at 11 a half finished stream was hosted from…some guy? Massive Network, is he a Dev or something?

And I’m guessing the balance patch will only be revealed after it’s been applied? (Seems a little silly to me)


It was on the TRS stream, not the Evolve game stream.

You can check their past streams to see it, watch the Evolvegame.com/news for patch notes. They should be up soon.


Oh, I swear it told me to go to the Evolve game stream. Got a link for TRS’ stream please? thank you.