What's blue, white, and vomits blue rocks? [Answer: Glaciopod]


So I just saw a tiny blue bug thing that vomits glowing blue rocks. Never seen that wildlife before, is it new?

I didn’t get a pic of the thing itself, which was light blue, white, and had six legs. But here’s some of the stuff it threw up.


They are Glaciopods.


and Glaciopod poop*


Aight cool. Do they do anything besides sit around and look like og’s?


Monsters can eat glaciopod poop because it is neon and delicious and tastes like free armor.

As a hunter, shoot the little white and blue buggy poopers. It’s the only time you don’t want monsters eating shit.


ok XD

that’s pretty funny.




I think this is just about the best and most accurate post I’ve seen here insofar.


All wildlife you’ll currently see in the game has been here since launch.

Glaciopods, as I’m sure you heard, have a ton of nutrients in their shit. They literally produce free one-energy “corpses” for you. Those are the only wildlife you really DON’T want to kill as a monster.

Well, those and MAYBE Venom Hounds, unless you need it.

EDIT: They will technically be adding a new piece of wildlife soon… get ready for the Tyrant, noobies. It’s coming…


You can shoot them???


The poop, no. The bugs, yes.


Oh [quote=“NegroManus, post:12, topic:91889”]
The bugs, yes.

You can shoot them?!!?! :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah, they explode and leave no corpse, so no food for the monster.


And once killed they do not poop, obviously.

However there’s no point in doing so anymore because they respawn.


Redid the title as question has been answered


Ah, thanks.