What's a good ISP for good reliable upload speeds? (U.K)


This is mainly aimed at my fellow U.K friends but others can chime in too.

Basically my broadband/tv contract is up soon and i was thinking about getting just a broadband only deal,my question is who are the best for download but mainly upload as i game on console a lot!

I’m currently with Sky but i’m on their basic package with regards to broadband so i was thinking about going to Virgin media as they have the fastest download in the country but what i’m a bit concerned about is their upload traffic throttling policy,does anyone on here have virgin media?

Anyone on here got any other ISP that could be good for me?


Well I have virgin and it’s great for the most part. I have 100Mb download but only a 5Mb upload. Really don’t understand why my upload is so slow, but oh well. I’ve heard good things about bt infinity so it may be worth checking them out.


Don’t go with Sky’s fibre plan. I opted for that one and I get less than half of what I subscribed to. My friend uses BT infinity 2 and he’s getting ridiculous speeds. Virgin is supposedly having the fastest download speeds but my gf complains it’s not very stable. Could be anecdotal but who knows. They also cover less area than Sky or BT so you have to take that into account as well.


Yeah luckily i’m in an area which can have Virgin Media but yeah i’ve heard that BT infinity 2 is good aswell,i want good reliable upload speed something the u.k don’t prioritise with their ISP


5Mb upload is great, well a ton better than mine at present lol


I’ve heard correct me if i’m wrong that VM was doubling all their packages so if your on the 50/d 3/u you would be getting 100/d 6/u can you confirm is that true or hearsay?


My brother has sky fibre (or whatever it is called) and he gets 30Mb download and 10Mb upload if I remember correctly. The proportions seem off to me. They are different providers so it is understandable. 5Mb upload works great though.


It was almost double. I had 60Mb download to start with, then I was upgraded to 100Mb. :slightly_smiling:

Edit: So it is true.



I was having problems with sky just recently luckily it’s fixed now but they’ve gone down in my book after constant internet drops,probably BT’s fault at the exchange but still a good ISP should monitor people’s dropouts and get something done,not us having to monitor and keep ringing them every day lol


LoL what’s yours then…?


With Comcast mine is on average 132mb download and 12mb upload. They doubled download speeds last year so that’s why it’s so high now.

But yeah, if you’re gonna stream you should have at least 5mb upload. I’m not sure what the UK offers or I’d help ya out!


Hmm… When I left England our family was on Sky because it was the best in our area- BT were fucking us over a lot but I’m not sure if they’ve stepped their game up.
Afaik, wasn’t TalkTalk good with their interwebs or Virgin Media?


U.K is piss poor at upload speeds in general they either throttle it or don’t prioritise it but Virgin Media have doubled their speeds so their 50/d 3/u is now roughly 100/d 6/u so i think i might go there next.


Sky’s good for an overall package tv+broadband but their broadband is not always reliable.


Can confirm. Sometimes I get 30mb/s down, sometimes I get 2-3mb/s… Most of the time I get somewhere in between.


24mb down…


Not bad then! i’m hopefully going to be moving to a 50/d 3/u plan soon which as i said earlier are doubling so more like 100 & 6 lol bet i don’t get that!


I don’t know if those values have already been upgraded. You might want to double check, probably by contacting virgin media just so you know exactly what you’re getting.


You guys think your broadband is bad still? :sob: