What's a good build for Behemoth?


I’ve been trying to play Behemoth a little more and practice some in solo mode and even did a couple PVP matches. . I’ve come to the conclusion I really don’t tike Lava bomb and don’t think it’s very good, but if I’m crazy on that please let me know.

What’s a good stage 1 or 2 build for Behemoth? At Stage 1 I was thinking of trying 2 Fissure and 1 Rockwall or vice versa.


Maybe I’m just crazy but I don’t think that the Behemoth is good… at all. No matter what i do as the Behemoth I NEVER have those easy wins that I have with the other monsters. Not to mention it is the only monster that i lose pub matches with. Seriously I don’t lose as other monsters maybe every 1 out of 5 games but with the behemoth I lose ever 1 out of 2 games.


I’ve been going with the following:

Stage 1: 2 points in Fissure, 1 point in Lava Bomb
Stage 2: +1 Lava Bomb 2 points in Rock Wall
Stage 3: Max out Fissure, Max out Lava Bomb, 1 point in Tongue Grab


Stage 1: Max out Lava Bomb
Stage 2: 2 points Rock Wall, 1 points Fissure
Stage 3: Max out Fissure, 1 point Tongue Grab

And always stay near a place where you can fight in an enclosed environment :ok_hand:

Hope it helps :wink:


My go too build is one lava bomb two tongue. The lava does good straight up damage but its also good for making an area unviable for the hunters. I like to tongue, lava bomb then heavy for heavy damage


Dont bother putting 1 point in rock wall either put two or just dont take it is the way i see it. I go defensively at the start.
S1 2 rock wall and 1 in either Fissure or lava bomb.
S2 1 lava bomb 2 Fissure 1 tongue grab 2 rock wall.
S3 2 lava bomb 3 Fissure 2 tongue grab 2 wall


Honestly, I’ve found that the best defense for Behemoth (at stage 1) is a good offense. This means taking the damage perk, putting at least 2 (if not all three) points into either Fissure or Lava Bomb, and overwhelming/intimidating the hunters so they’ll back off (or so you can finish them off).

I’ve been running with 3 points in Lava Bomb, and it’s been working fairly well. However, as Behemoth where you fight is just as important (if not even more important) than what powers you select. Learn to pick where you fight, not get caught running from a fight. Let the Hunters dome you at stage 1 when you’re full armor and you have a perfect spot to fight them in (preferably caves or places where the hunters can’t move around much; aggressive wildlife you haven’t already angered is a plus). Lava Bomb and Fissure do their best work here, and the hunters have issues dodging your powerful attacks. Smart hunters will often know that you’ll overwhelm them in that situation, and either drop the dome early or not dome you at all.

Sorry if I went off on bit of a tangent. I too have been trying to get better as Behemoth, so I thought I’d share what I’ve learned. I’d recommend 3 points in Lava Bomb and the damage perk at Stage 1. (Lava Bomb is a fantastic ability; it just takes some getting used to.)

At Stage 2 is where I like to grab my utility, so I go for 2 points in Rock Wall and 1 point in Tongue Grab. I find that 3 points in Lava Bomb + the damage perk is plenty of damage for me to take down hunters, so utility is what I’m really missing before Stage 2. 1 point in Tongue Grab is all you need to separate one hunter from the rest at close range, and you can keep that hunter separated from the group with Rock Wall. Feel free to go to town on them and down them after they’ve been separated. Lava Bomb, Tongue Grab, and Rock Wall are all fantastic abilities for camping a body relatively safely / at a distance, which make it that much harder for the hunters once you do take someone down.

At Stage 3, I usually choose 1 of 2 builds. Both builds have me take 1 more point in Tongue Grab. With 2 points, it has decent range, which is phenomenal for fights near the Relay (where the hunters try to force you to fight on their terms). The remaining two points I spend as either 2 Fissure (for extra damage and mine/trap clearance) or 1 Fissure 1 Rock Wall (for even better separation + mine/trap clearance).

Lava Bomb is good ability; don’t give up on it.
Choosing where you fight (are domed) is very, very important as Behemoth!
Stage 1: Damage Perk, 3 Lava Bomb
Stage 2: 3 Lava Bomb, 2 Rock Wall, 1 Tongue Grab
Stage 3: 3 Lava Bomb, 2 Rock Wall, 2 Tongue Grab, 2 Fissure OR 3 Lava Bomb, 3 Rock Wall, 2 Tongue Grab, 1 Fissure


I have elite Behemoth and I beg to differ. It is a tough monster to beat if used properly and is unbeatable on some maps. Here is my build,

Perk: Damage Bonus (allows faster incaps witch goes very well with Behemoth playstyle)
STAGE 1: 2 Lava Bomb 1 Rock Wall

With this combo I usually win at stage 1 within 3-4 minutes. This combo allows you have some sort of way to separate hunters and the lava bomb stage 2 does massive damage as well as close off certain areas. For instance if you play as Behemoth in Aviary dont bother evolving. Quickly get some armor then book it to the entrance of a snow biome. Sit outside the entrance and as they are entering the entrance close the lead hunter off from the others (usually the trapper) throw a lava Bomb and go to town on them. The lone hunter is unable to dodge the lava bomb andusually dies quickly. Repeat this strat and you should win easily.

STAGE 2: 2 fissure 1 rock wall

This gives you your most damaging ability as well as more separation. If you decide to engage lure the hunters into an enclosed space or cave then obliterate them as they try to escape the deathtrap the trapper creates when he domes you.

STAGE 3: 1 fissure 1 rock wall 1 lava bomb or Two tongue grab 1 lava bomb or fissure

At this point you can easily take hunters down with your abilities plus the damage perk. Start off by throwing a lava bomb at the relay. This will destroy any traps setup and absolutely destroy the hunters if they are grouped up. From then on its up to you to finish the job. One tip i can give when theres one more hunter left and they are trying to stall you, put a rock wall between you and them then attack the relay. This will not allow them to shoot you (unless they are cabot) and force them to come closer.


S1 - 2 Fissure 1 Grab
S2- 3 Lava Bomb 2 Fissure 1 Grab
S3 - 3 Lava Bomb 3 Fissure 2 Wall 1 Grab

Only lost 1 match so far out of 60 games.


2 into rock wall, 1 into lava bomb
1 into rock wall, 2 into lava bomb OR fissure
last stage, do whatever you feel. Just make sure your damage output is good


Hm interesting stuff I got lots of stuff to try.

I don’t get why lava bomb is so popular, it’s really easy to dodge isn’t it? and it comes out slow, no? I think I’d like it a lot more if it fired off faster and/or stayed on the ground longer. Would be a nice anti-Laz skill.


Its got its uses nut I’m no fan either I go 3 fissure


S1 2 wall 1 lava bomb
S2 1 wall 1 lava bomb 1 tongue
S3 3 in fissure

I use lava bomb to body camp for me and/or cut off paths and Rockwall to force the solo. Try to avoid combat till stage 2 and the fissure at S3 helps clear tight relays and traps at chokepoints

Perks are traded between dmg reduction or cooldown reduction. Spamming abilities and living longer are viable enough for behemoths game play.


personally i do 2 lava bombs 1 tongue, if i survive to stage 2 i max rock wall and at stage 3 either i max lava bombs or fissure but i think lava bombs is better because they don t bug as much as fissure


Damage perk with 3 lava bomb is the best way to start, I think. You start out as a major threat. Try kiting with lava bomb a little bit before you commit for a strike.


Like Goliath with rock throw, you should use lava bomb behind you if you are fleeing from the hunters.


I can’t live without Rockwall (almost)…But, it’s either two points in it, either nothing.

(level 1 is too small and level 3 is ridiculously large…no need)

Then I think you’d rarely need the range of lvl 2 or 3 Tongue Grab. (not saying it’s hard to aim)
Fissure is good, even very very good (especially combined with rockwall and tongue grab)

Lavabomb feels… random ? Not necessary ?.. Situational ?


Depends on the map and what stage/what area you are planning to win.

For stage 1 victory / success, 3 lava bomb is pretty safe. It provides defense if you have somewhere you can hide, and offense if you are going for strikes. The cooldown and duration are also similar, so you can always have the ground covered in fire.

I’ve tried putting a value point in tongue but found the range to be too short too often. I’d usually use it after knocking someone to the ground with lava bomb / fissure / melees, then tongue grab when they try to climb back up. Tongue grab can be pretty unreliable when used from below at hunters up high (they get pulled into the ground of the cliff, and the pull is stopped immediately). If you want to tongue grab people off high up ledges, you need to be at level ground with them, or use fissure first I think to knock them into the air. Level 1 tongue is very good in flat areas, though, where you can stay close to people easily and don’t need to climb.

For stage 2, there are quite a few builds that work. I think the main idea is to have 3 points in either lava bomb or fissure (or both), for maximum damage, and get some utility with tongue grab and or rock wall.

For stage 3, I take at least 2 in rock wall if the relay area allows me to set up the wall, and do chip damage on the relay. If its a map like medlab, I’ll probably get 3 in tongue grab to pull people off the buildings / relay platform, combined with long range lava bombs. 3 Tongue grab + 2-3 rockwall is a very powerful combo at stage 3, allowing you to take out basically any hunter other than the assault. Killing the assault will probably require this combo, plus another tongue grab when the wall comes down.

edit: I want to add, for aiming lava bomb, I highly suggest moving it to a key / button that allows you to use it while being free to move in any direction. This allows you to reposition yourself while aiming the lavabomb, if you started casting the lavabomb too early or too close to a wall. This is mostly relevant to PC players, I think the controller hotkeys let you do this by default.


My Behemoth build is…

Perk: Cool Down Reduction

S1: 2 Fissure, 1 Rock Wall

S2: Max out Fissure and Rockwall

S3: Max out Lava Bomb OR 2 Lava Bomb, 1 Tongue Grab


Question. Why do you guys put one point into rock wall? I see it have no use with one point since it has only 3 pillars which the hunters can side step around.


Behemoth is actually the only monster I ever split three ways as far as abilities go S1. With other monsters doing this means that you just can’t deal enough damage if you get locked into a fight or you loose too much utility to avoid / survive early domes. Behemoth dealing as much damage as he does however means that (at least imo) you can split this 3 ways, especially since he combos better than any other monster, so every ability counts.

Perk: This varies, but I usually rely on Feed Speed as I can wall myself in with food and get a quick snack mid dome much easier and it helps me evade more successfully, which can be quite a chore against experienced teams. I personally would avoid Damage Bonus unless your going for an S1 victory, as later on your regular damage is overwhelming enough. The only other one I would consider on a regular basis would be Cooldown Reduction for faster combos. In rescue probably either Movement Speed or Traversal Recharge to get to survivor groups faster. In Nest probably Damage Bonus since your more than likely not going to have enough time to go S2 and get full armor, so just stay S1 unless they’re running slow and get a minion to help you finish the job. Defend probably Damage resistance, as your going to get a lot of Flak, so the more they have to chew through the better.

S1: 1 Rock Wall, 1 Tongue Grab, 1 in either Lava Bomb or Fissure
S2: 2 Rock Wall, 1 Tongue Grab, 1 in Lava Bomb or Fissure and 2 in the other
S3: 2 Rock Wall, 1 Tongue Grab, 3 in Lava Bomb and Fissure