Whatever happened to the Goliath's tiger skin?


You know, I always wondered what happened to Goliath’s tiger skin here in the UK. It just never showed up in the store.


edited the tile to make it a bit more clear :wink:

As for the skin itself, you can’t buy it anymore?


Thank you Lord Derp, and no, it was never available here in the UK.


Hm, that’s interesting. I’m not sure if it was ever available, but I think it was.


I’ve still seen other players from abroad using the orange skin. But here on the UK store it’s only ever been the white.


It was and is still showing up in the us Xbox store. I bought it a while ago. It’s been my go to skin for Goliath ever since…


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I’m still learning the ropes of this regular thing, so eh :smile:


Never showed up for me on PS4 either, I’m in Germany :frowning:


Perhaps a stupid question, but are you looking at the PSN Store or the in-game store? The in-game store offers more skins than what is advertised on the PSN store.


I thought that the orange tiger skin for Goliath was free and automatically put into his skin roster. And that the white tiger skin was only available in the store.


as far as I remember I had to purchase my orange tiger skin from the in-game store (amazing skin though, not too many that are worth it for Goliath).


Nope. His clownfish skin is free, I think, but his Tiger (regular and White) skins are in the store.


gah that’s the one, youre right. Thank you.


Was the clownfish always free or from a Community Challenge? I don’t remember how I got him though.


I don’t remember myself. I’ve had it forever, though. One of his better skins, in my opinion.


True, together with the regular Goliath tiger skin.


I think it was a free skin that popped up one day a while back. I don’t recall a challenge for it.


In game store.


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