Whatever happen to Terminator-Cabot?

With the release of Babot we found out that the adaptation is just Cabot with a pilot helmet as well as wearing a facemask with some armor padding.

The Tabot that we saw a few months ago was some weird metallic reskin, that was not only on his head but also his body shown through his torn clothes (talk about sexy); we see that Tabot’s body seems to have mechanical joints and everything.

Whatever happen to this sexy man-bot? Could it had been just an early revision of Babot, perhaps a second adaptation or quite possibly just a full booty reskin?

Pictures by my #2 bae GrizzleMarine

burn Nightmare Slim plz.

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That looks like Cabot and Bucket merged, which is a somewhat common bugs.
I had Lennox and Parnell merge at one point.

perhaps Bucket is turning into Cabot?

Bucket died and a devestated Cabot started wearing his body like a Cubone wearing its mother’s skull.
Despite the worried Bucket who kept trying to tell him he was very much alive over the loudspeakers onboard the ship.


Or the other way around

Cyborg Cabot. :3