What year is it in the future of Evolve

We have rail cannons and heal beams. Ships that can travel galaxies. And huge hungry Goliaths and pissed of Krakens that want to kill us!

Can some one please tell me what year it is?

Little did we know Evolve was infact a prequel to star wars, which happend a long time ago…

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so 10 days ago

Yup, the rancor was actually a direct descendant of the goliath.

Goliath: son I am disappoint

When you jump, there’s a poster of a skull on the right side of the ship, with the number 2320 on it and some russian writing.
I can’t read it, so it might just be a death count and not a year number.

hey guess what. the year on earth is actually around 1880’s through 90’s. Caira says she never heard of tires and they didn’t exist one Earth last time she was there. Tires were invented in 1888. Found this out while working on my theory. :slight_smile: