What y'all think of "Der EisenDrache"? (Bo3 zombies)


Played a few games of it,and it’s really good better than Shadows of Evil anyway!

what’s your opinions of it so far…?


I can’t play it till late tonight, looks awesome. Has anyone figured out easter egg?


Probably! you know all the little nerds figure it out way before it’s even come out lol!

I shall not spoil it for you but it’s got a lot of stuff from all the Bo2 zombies maps in it which is cool!


I saw the trailer. I’m so excited to play this!


Yeah it’s real good,i got to round 16 solo first go and round 21 4 players 1 down so im happy with my intial goes!


needs a song with her


They have a song by her in the game.


Still have to wait a month cause Xbox. It’s good that I have a break in Uni to play it when it comes out!

~passes out from exhaustion~


Easter eggs get figured out by the guys who make a living from making zombie videos instantly. You see how fast they figured out SoE?

Also, incoming CoD haters.


Can’t wait for it on Xbox Dempsey is bae


I’ve already figured it out.


Not to be that person but…no female character this time around?



Doesn’t make any sense to throw in a female character with original crew, now does it?


I wouldn’t know, i’m just remarking at the oddness of it from an outsider’s point of view. Was getting, comfortably, used to seeing a female character in a co-op shooter dlc thing.


They’re continuing and completing the story line from the first game. So I understand if you don’t understand, it’s rather complicated.


there is yay


Yep. I discovered it yesterday. It’s an awesome song.


For those who want know: “Der Eisendrache” means “The Irondragon”.


Me and my friend did everything
Except Easter egg


It’s difficult.