What wraith was meant to be?


Wraith in my opinion was the made for hit and run tactics, the following updates to wraith in my opinion were a little misleading. Wraith got slower and got a nerf to the damage output as well. Decoy has always been the main topic and it just needed to complement the wraith, in the right way. Decoy to begin with was way to strong, it cloaked the wraith and the damage of the decoy was overwhelming. the wraith could also use traversals while cloaked, making him extremely hard to keep track of. the next patch to follow nerfed the decoy increasing its cooldown, and disabling the wraith’s ability to use traversals while cloaked. This final nerf to the wraith was the most punishing, it increased the cooldown, increased the cloak hit visibility by a half of sec, and slowed the wraith down overall by at least 40%.

Many people in the community and forums are now saying that the wraith is really easy to fight and he is now the least played character in evolve on all platforms. Now let me try to give you guys a more indepth look as to what I think the wraith was trying to bring to the table.

Wraith in the new update would be interesting, and more playable, but not being op if he followed a more tricky theme.
-warp blast: decrease the damage and increase the speed and keep the blact radius just how it is.
(this is good for giving the wraith some more speed, but not making the damage so spontanious, maybe if the warp blast was 20% faster than it is currently, then it would feel more like a warp.)
-supernova is fine the way it is.
-abduction is perfect too

the real problem is decoy
I believe decoy would work extremely better and get rid of the opness if it was less damaging and more tricky. if the decoy did similar damage to the wraith and didnt flicker when shot, but had a health bar that simulated the damage to look like the decoy was actually the wraith.
to take it a step futher if its possible to consider making the ai decoy follow the crosshairsof the player to make it feel less AI controlled.
these are just thought to consider making the wraith more player controlled and less at the mercy of the AI side of wraith.


Decoy is worthless. Supernova is also worthless. I take full WP at 1 and full Abduct at 2 and end it there. If I need to hit 3 I’ll grab Decoy, but in my opinion it and SN are very, very niche now.


yeah IK and it shouldnt be that way, people should want to value each skill instead of leaning to one skill over the others. as a community i think no one likes the fragileness, slowness, and lack of ability composition that the wraith has now. making him more playable is the goal and fixing decoy needs to be the number one goal.


It’s ok for re-positioning for Abducts but that’s about it. SN is utter trash now.


You don’t even like supernova while using it with Abduct?


Not enough bang for your buck when you fight at level 2.


Well guess I don’t play the wraith enough to notice it. She is my least favorite monster, so this is based off my little experience with her.


maybe making the decoy go where the wraith’s crosshairs are and having the decoy auto attack things near it, would be more interesting instead of having it go in random directions, plus if you make the damage equal to the original wraith’s output and have the shot flicker go away, with making the damage look like you are actually hitting the original wraith, would be so perfect. I would actually use the skill if it was less damaging and more tricky.


This is my build too lol dem 2 min wins amiright!?


The radius could be decreased by about 5% for a speed increase, but damage definitely not. Wraith got 1 reliable source of damage with its signature skill.

Agreed. Against good teams you need 1 or 2 points in it at evo2 depending on the Medic. People who bitch about it being useless apparently haven’t played decent premades with her I’d guess.

Also agreed. It’s utterly useless against good teams and sadly still too effective against the average pug.


Warp Blast
-25% damage reduction
-10% range reduction
+20% knockback

+2s of use
+Pounce damage increased by 50% when supernova is used, pounce takes half as long to wind up when using supernova

-100% damage reduction (0 damage)
+.1 seconds of reveal time (down from .5)
+20% tumble effect when being hit by decoy
+Decoy doesn’t flash
+Increase pounce damage by 250% for 2 seconds after exiting decoy

+Exactly the same


Wraith should get no damage nerf period. Unless you’re going to buff Abduction damage or Supernova damage. Abduction only hits one target whereas WP and Supernova can hit multiple so if you wan’t to decrease damage on WP it should be moved to Abduction.

Wraith dies really easy and they nerfed Decoy and Supernova.


I don’t think Nova is completely useless if I said that in a past post I was a little overzealous perhaps. I just think it’s the worst Wraith ability currently at Stage 1 and 2 and also you need 3 full points in it to make it worthwile imo. So it’s hard to fit into any sort of build, It also leaves you open to Torvald mortar spam

At Stage 2 I’ve been playing around with a 3 WB, 1 Decoy, 2 Nova build if I can get some mileage out of that I may start to change my tune on the ability because again I just don’t see any way to get it to level 3 it until Stage 3. So if I can become impressed with it at the 1 or 2 point level I would cozy up to it a lot more.

Decoy is a little sucky now but it still has its uses I just hate when Hyde is the assault.


I go 3 decoy stage 1 one SN 1 Abduct and 1WB stage 2 and 2SN 1 WB stage 3. Works well for me but I’m not engaging much till stage 3 which is boring for hunters


Against Caira and Laz I pretty much have to get 1-2 points in Supernova against good teams at evo2 and 1-2 in Abduction. The bonus damage from abduction is not worth losing a short 2-3 second burst ability which greatest utility is a near 360° spammable cloak counter. Those few seconds you literally can’t lose a Hunter in stealth until WB is off cd to finish them off. I tried building around 3 WB 3 Abduction at evo2 but the short burst SN provides is way more effective than the bonus range or damage on a lvl 3 abduction. It’s used as a short range juggle only anyways against better teams.
But again, this is my experience against the better premades out there who occasionally hop into the matchmaker. And you just can’t do without SN against them.


supernova, i wouldnt say is useless, it just means u cant spam it as often. Decoy, while not fully useless, shouldnt have been given a longer reveal time


No, Supernova has very limited uses. It leaves you extremely vulnerable and doesn’t have enough duration or damage to make a difference.


it doesnt really leave you as vulnerable as it did pre-patch. The amount of damage per duration,well i cant comment on that really cause i dont use it alot for a monster i dont use alot. However, it does force wraith to use it for actual hit and run purposes…instead of it just letting wraith being another goliath


Well it’s supposed to, but it’s really just a death sentence.


well again, use it more wisely is all i can say. But i cant say much about it