What "wouldn't work" TRS!?


This was a random glitch game my friends got into. TRS said anything like this wouldn’t work, clearly it does!


It’s not that it’s physically impossible, because there have been threads like this for every monster It’s that the size of the maps, the wildlife available and trying to balance the damage and abilities with 2 sets of groups is what wasn’t possible.

The game was never meant to support more than one monster/hunter group.


On the fact that both monsters made to stage 3, I’d say there was plenty of food. Even if there wasn’t it could be a simple change. Also the map sizes are perfect. It keeps it interesting for the hunters if they doubled their chance to run into a monster.


Balancing damage and abilities with a coordinated monster team against one set of Hunters would be arduous.

Then add a second Hunter team with overlapping abilities and it gets worse.

That being said, if there’s a sequel, I’d put money on a multi-team mode being part of it. It’s definitely something people want along with Monster vs Monster.


Rofl never seen it with two Bobs, looks pretty silly :stuck_out_tongue:


Two cairas alternating the use of speed boost and filling the dome with heal bombs. Harpoon mines and stasis grenades. Good luck stage 1 monsters


I never said add a second team of hunters. And coordination from two monsters against coordination against 4 hunters will defenitly make it difficult and require a lot of effort, but that’s exactly what this game is about and this would really but that to the test


No, sorry I didn’t mean to imply that you said that. Other people have posted similar topics and usually they want a 2 v 8 game type.

I personally don’t think this game type would work in the current iteration. It would be heavily in favor of the monsters. Two monsters means that if your team focuses on one you’re exposed to free damage by the other. And if you split, you won’t do enough damage to either one. Your Medic would also have a hell of a time keeping everyone alive.


I love how people legitley want this to be balanced.

What the hell ever happened to FUN ,why must everything being meticulously balanced???

I don’t remember anyone crying about lfd2’s tank mode during mutations, that was a BLAST I repeat BLAST to play for both sides.

I honestly don’t believe any sensible balance could be made other than reducing damage overall.


sorry not sorry
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inb4 I spelled it wrong


I never played the mutations, so I can’t comment on that.

As a monster, I can see 2 v 4 being fun. The monster combinations would be fun to play with as well as abilities. I just think the hunters would be severely outgunned and that it would be frustrating.


Wraith abducts someone, behemoth rock walls, pounces, then Wraith helps kill the body, Decoys, then eats it. O_O


I want a 2v8 mode soooooo badly despite it’s not going to happen. I know it makes no sense but it would be f***ing awesome.


No yer fine, I’m glad for the correction, I always thought that is was a real word :3


You have 8 hunters…I HIGHLY doubt all 7 will be blocked off for that to occur.


I was speaking for a 2v4.
8 hunters are too many.


2v4 is too few.

People are having issues with one alone, two is overkill.


I know.
How wonderful would it be? :wink:


Itd be pretty easy to add another set of 4 hunters. Only allow one of each character |:


Even then it won’t work for balance issues. A team of 4 hunters are balanced to be able to barely deal with a single monster. That’s it.
You can’t have a game mode with two monsters because it would require a rebalance in pretty much every element for a single game mode.