What would you think about "real" replays with unlockable camera?



First of all: Evolve is a blast. I’ll definetly buy it.

I think the current replay system (the fast forward minimap thing) is a pretty nice idea, but what I think would be reallly good fitting in this game is also a real replay system with ingame footage (maybe this is planned, I don’t know.)

What would you think about such a replay system like let’s say DotA2 with an unlockable (or even animatable) camera so you can turn every of your matches into a dramatic movie?

In my opinion it would benefit the game a lot and make the fights look even more intense (and it would be awesome for youtube for example).

What’s your opinion?

What are some ideas you think Evolve should add

They need to add Benny Hill music to the replay map!

I kind of agree, but at the same time, I feel a monster is entitled to his mystery and bag of tricks.


I would not want that coming up in the post game lobby, but having it available to view on your own time would be pretty awesome. I feel this game already has a ton of downtime between matches, and having something else to load would be unwanted.


I acutally meant it that you can watch the replay later at any time, not directly after the match.


Yeah the amount of info in that post-game map means I’m going to be pretty disappointed if there’s no available demo functionality (a la TF2/source engine) and stats API. It’s obvious that the data is being captured over the course of the game, so hopefully they’ll allow server operators (and connected clients) to store it as they see fit.

In addition to all the cool videography/machinima that demo functionality allows, it’s also the absolute best way to record proof of a hacker before banning them.

Will there be more "Match Recap" features?

My main motivation for this idea was the fact, that I had some really awesome play moments during the alpha (an awesome juke or something) and couldn´t revisit this moment to record it. You could see it on the minimap replay but ingame it was much more awesome.


I’m sure it takes a lot of work and programming to make happen not to mention game resources but man that would be so cool. So much opportunity for cool replays and video cuts. Getting to see strategies of allies and enemies to improve your own game. I doubt it’d happen but it’d be so sweet.


I thought about this aswell and think it would be awesome, eventho the already existing minimap overview is very very cool aswell. I also had those ingame moments I wish I could watch from a replay. It would also be very useful for analysing what you did wrong and right in a match.


When your fake outs worked and when they only found you because of daisy. When the monster was right behind you and had no idea.


Proper juking is like an art. Sometimes it could be helpful to see the other view.


sounds awesome as hell hope they add it :smiley:


My opinion is I wanted it at launch & am still waiting for it…