What would you rather have?


Simple choice…What would you rather have in Evolve?

More tournaments that eat up man hours, resources, money and are clearly means to milk the player base. Don’t think so…there as been atleast 1 tournament every month since the game’s release.
Have the Devs use the same man hours, resources and money to improve the game.

Have the art teams continue to make ‘skins’. Right now it’s like adding a new coat of paint without taking the old one off.
Have the art teams make concept art for new maps and content for the game. A game like this needs some fresh content that actually serves a fuction in the game in order to keep a freshness to it.

New Hunters and Monsters
New gear and equipment for the Hunters that can be mixed and matched to create personalized loadouts. And new attacks or alterations to old attacks for the Monsters.


…Would you rather allow TRS to do their job
Blame them for 2k’s mistakes.

Would you rather believe that TRS has got things in the work
Believe that they can somehow summon a magical work fairy to finish all their products.

Would you rather be happy with what we’re playing
Make threads like this.

…Simple choice.

Edit: Disregard that.

You already chose before I wrote this.


Personally I still enjoy the game, despite the BS at times. and play it often. I just throw threads like this out sometimes to see what others think about random things that crossed my mind or that no one has really posted about.


You need to be on the forums more then.

I’ve seen a dozen threads accusing TRS of being lazy because they’re ‘too busy doing other things’. Things like tournaments, or making skins.

It never occured to those people that TRS doesn’t get a say when it comes to money here. They never considered that it’s not really talked about, because when it comes to jobs, you don’t badmouth your boss to your company’s customers, in earshot of said boss.

It never occured to those people that the art team might -actually- be working on new content, but art teams alone cannot make new maps. That requires programmers and modelers.

It never occured to those people that the programmers and modelers might already be hard at work on those maps. Or that the programmers are otherwise indisposed right now trying to balance the game to the specifications of a hostile community.

It never occured to those people that asking for customization in a game like evolve would require those programmers to rebuild the game from the ground up, not to mention rebalance -everything- yet again, causing the game to go into a steep nose dive, like everyone says it’s already in.

It never occurs to anyone that, maybe, just maybe, the things they want, that they complain about, are actually happening right now.

It never occurs to anyone, that, maybe… Just maybe. They’re impatient.

…To such people, why not just go play another game? Try out Subnatucia, Guns of Icarus, Fractured Space. Play Realm of the Mad God online, read a webcomic or two, go play a round of TF2 with their friends ( a game which many of these people claim is infinitely better than anything that came from TRS.)

If people are so intent to leave this game… Then why don’t they do that for a bit?

We’ll still be here when they get back.


Tournaments aren’t ran by TRS I’m sure the artists that work on skin and the artists that work on maps are both hard at work.
I prefer new monsters and hunters custom loadouts will make this more like a codfest.
TRS attempted it before release it wasn’t fun.
or unique


I agree with you its the same over on Destiny with people blaming the developers for being money hungry but not the Producers…


Tournaments are hosted by a completely different section than the devs who work on the game. I thought we all understood that? In the same way, skin creators don’t do “concept art for maps” and that last one is just your own personal idea.


I would like for matches to run on dedicated servers… That’s it.


This isn’t how game development works. First off, TRS doesn’t handle the tournaments, that’s 2k. They do all of the marketing, promoting, etc. Second, the art team can’t just make maps and content instead of skins. Maps need to have a balance, and they aren’t just art. They need to be developed and mapped, something the artists don’t do. Content (such as new hunters, monsters, etc) all require a lot of work. This means programming them, creating their models, adding textures, balancing them, the list goes on. It isn’t a simple “Oh let’s make a new monster today”. However, the art team CAN simply create new skins by re-texturing existing content (which they are doing).


Evolve has dedicated servers