What would you need to feel solid, if they switched to f2p


This games design and everything about it supports the F2P model of development (in a general way), but I’m curious about what would need to be broken, and fiddled with game-play wise for that switch to happen.

Game-play always goes fiddly, when you switch to f2p and there are annoying ways it effects the in game ‘feel’ of how things reward the player.

That skinner box vibe I guess. W/e you do to that core reward system to make people justify grinding to get the reward instead of just paying the flat initial fee does something to sour the experience, especially for people who payed before such a switch.

I always felt very negative about TF2 going free to play, because the skill level I’d acquired and that of the players I was facing was very very high, compared to that of those whom came on when it switched.

So at some level I felt like Valve owed me an apology for not accommodating (me/) their pay-in fan base more, and for not communicating enough about the desire to go f2p.

Not being able to play the game at the skill level I wanted or against the skill level I wanted to face really disrupted what TF2 as an experience had become to me. Really Valve didn’t invest enough in accommodating their pay in fan base. Core fans. Being the saints of PC gaming maybe it didn’t effect their reputation enough to warrant a huge expenditure, but it did put a sour note in their previously spectacular record.

You don’t apologize for ruining a core fan’s playing experience by giving them a stupid hat.

So. What would you need to have them do if Evolve made the switch to F2P? Obviously you’d want something, them changing the product in such a spectacular fashion warrants that especially if they’re changing the product you’d already paid for.

So besides them giving you a full refund, or equivalent $ in w/e points that their store would run on… what would you need from them to emotionally feel like you hadn’t been done dirty, or manipulated?

Like the game you liked at the start, stayed that, through that transition. What would need to not change for you?


This game was developed with the potential to be a F2P game when THQ still was around. I’m really glad they aren’t going f2p, it works for some games but I’d rather just pay one up front price and just have a game to enjoy.


I think what he means is what would happen if you’d paid for the game, and then it went F2P; how would this affect you, and what would you want to see in a F2P game?

As games design doesn’t happen by accident, a transition from paid to being designed to sell microtransactions would not be easy. If what FrontlinerDelta has said is true (and I’ve no reason to believe otherwise), I can’t imagine what they could sell regularly to support the store. With maps being speculated as being free, the only things that could be sold for cash would be things like characters and monsters. Unless there was something to actively grind for like experience points, in-game currency and whatnot chances are there wouldn’t be much reason to go F2P. With TF2 the creation of hats was a fairly affordable thing for the devs to do, whereas here Turtle Rock have stated it’s too much work to alter the models to accomodate things like hats, costumes and various other cosmetic items. Weapon skins are doable at most I think.

In this case, I wouldn’t expect anything in return. If I’ve been playing 'til the point where the game did go F2P, I’ll have got my money’s worth. I’d love a golden guns mod for all of my weapons if this were the case, and a set of glowing eyes when I engage in combat as the monster. Even if it was a different colour muzzle flash or light-up rounds, I’d be cool with that. If I didn’t get my money’s worth by the time threw it went F2P I’d probably have traded the game in long ago and could download it at again any time.


One of my big concerns about F2P is that they tend to support their business by making a lot of cheap silly stuff. I don’t really want the IP to become populated by people wandering around in goofy hats and stripper outfits while smoking pipes and shooting at a sparkling pink Goliath. I want content developed that changes the way the game is played and stays true to the original vision.

Some games have done it well. I thought ME3 multiplayer was brilliant but I’m not sure that would works as well since there are so many fewer gameplay elements in Evolve to unlock. I would actually prefer they stuck to the paid DLC approach, it feels like a better fit for evolve.


Just no…


I don’t agree with the question. People of all skill levels and competencies exist whether in F2P or in a paid for game. If the game is successful and brings in people 6+ months down the line (when the game gets a price drop) then they are likely to be less competent than those who bought at launch. Those who play for 10 hours a week will be more competent than those who only play for 30 minutes.

You find servers that have people that play regularly that are your level or just above, and hopefully the game has a solid way of having a match making system that pits people of similar experience levels against each other.

F2P never comes in to it.


I don’t even mean (just) financially like a gift or w/e mea culpa gift.

I mean like a communication approach or what you need to be the same within the game system.

I don’t think anyone ‘deserves’ anything. Its about feeling like every things been done in good spirit.

The quality of the experience I had in tf2 changed drastically because I no longer had a way to keep that high skill v high skill experience of old pros and regulars duking it out… Freebies flooded the game, and brought the skill level down a lot. Ruining the challenge that had been ramping up slowly as people honed their skills.


Unless the game was going to be f2p from the start then there would be no chance a retail console game could go free to play.

Also if it did happen what would i want from it? Nothing.

Comparing to what you said about TF2 a simple good matchmaking system would solve that and if there wasn’t enough players for that to work I wouldn’t play the game.