What would you bring to a ...?


Right, I’ll just write it down for both situations:


  • Water purifier, because, well, eventually all the bottled water will run out
  • Night vision goggles
  • Machete
  • Fire axe

I chose the last three, because I feel against runners you want to avoid confrontation as much as possible. The goggles allow you to go out at night, without revealing your position, while the machete is the best option in case of multiple enemies (large cutting blade and short handle make using it easier). The axe is there for more heavy duty stuff (barricades, trees, or single targets). Most other stuff on the list will either just draw attention to you (like the flashlight and shepard), run out of ammo (all the guns, even more so since I’m not in america and guns are very scarce to begin with), or are just useless to begin with (first aid kit won’t help against a zombie bite, and what would you use a camera for? For your vlogging channel?)


  • Body Armour
  • Fire axe
  • Water purifier (again, same reason as before)
  • German Shepard/night vision goggles

Here, while you still want to avoid confrontation, it’s slightly easier to either escape a confrontation again, or to deal with it (given the slower speed of them). Hence, an axe is enough for self defence (the slower speed compared to the machete is offset by the fact you have more time to react).
Body armour is also more useful, because you’re less likely to get swarmed, and as such, you get far more use out of it to warrant an occasional mistake. Besides, because of the slower speed of the zombies, the small hit you take in mobility due to the armour isn’t that big of a deal.
The last point is a hard one. On the one hand, I can see the appeal of the dog; it can be useful for tracking, self defence, and just as a sanity support. Downsides, it needs food too, can cause problems (I am legend anyone?), and you will likely outlive it, which will make the hit to your sanity even worse. The goggles give you even more freedom as to when to scout areas out, or when to traverse areas. If I had to make a choice, I’d go with the goggles, but they only barely win from the Shepard


All the people choosing dogs…WHY?

Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs. I have 5 of them right now. But that’s a decidedly bad choice for the apocalypse. Even on good days dogs can be disobediant and noisy. Shepherds of any kind are especially loud. Plus it is an extra mouth to feed. Not to mention, if they aren’t well trained, they would get into a lot of trouble.

I can almost guarantee that the dog you get won’t be as useful as most people think it will. In almost every case, I would say it is a hindrance more than anything. Barking at night, chasing things, or just getting lost.


EVERYONE… EVERYONE… FEMA already made the list for the ZOMBIE Apocalypse.

*my favorite gov. document.


Assuming a slower necrotic zombie a dog is great as a second pair of eyes.

Also can be easily trained to help hunt for food.


Zombie Apocalypse?

I’ve got my Unicron… GO!


I think you’re overestimating the avg persons dog training skills


Or are you just underestimating the incompetence of the owner level?

(we can be talking like Ash Ketchem situation here)


Well I personally have used and trained hunting dogs. Its not hard for me.


Yeah it might be easy for you but in general a dog that didn’t come extremely well pre trained would be more likely to be a detriment

It’s impossible to underestimate the incompetence of the avg dog owner. They teach them to sit and shit outside and that’s about it


.This is a complete sentence.


What a joke. Thot it would be legit.


That is POSTED on the actually FEMA.GOV blogs… So yes… it is legit. as a document (vs. a publishing company releasing ufo stuff and saying its from gov.) this is actually posted.

Think of it like this, They used the idea of a Zombie Apocalypse to help guide people in natural disasters. it is legit, and very unorthodox for a Gov. Agency to publish something of fantastical value.


Zombie apocalypse

Metal Baseball bat (not very flashy but its the best realistic choice in my opinion because anyone can use it no training needed)

Water purifier

Hand gun

Any form of secure shelter (that’s technically something I can bring)

Social skills (joke)


any thing that could help mask my scent

This isn’t much but I have hardly any creativity to think of something cool