What would you bring to a ...?


Like Minded… i was debating rope vs compass. but I did forget about the astronomy part. lol So I am ditching my compass for rope. ( I was thinking about the water purifier but wasnt sure if it was electric demanding)


You forget the tent is a series of tarps, ropes and sticks. You can disassemble it into many things. It doesn’t have to remain a tent.


Yes, that is a viable option. But I was thinking about the weight that comes with a tent when needing to hike… I was thinking light weight options as well.


Now I want to turn a tent into a backpack for the rest of my stuff. Lol


OP specifically said he was gonna make paddles and use those to try to escape


Is the goal to be rescued from the island, or just last as long as possible? Because if it is to be rescued, the Flare Gun is super valuable. If you have multiple shots, it can be used as a firestarter as well.


Fishing Rod

Use the sea to survive. Hunt fish and cook them for food.

Zombie Outbreak:
Silenced Handgun
German Shephard

Be as silent as possible. Raid places, take supplies and vanish. Dog for extra security during night.


Would depend on the conditions. In either case, anything which consumes its essential (like fuel or bullets) would be very ineffective.

A raft is NOT talking you back to mainland, so that’d be useless. Flares would also be poor.

Matches are immensely useful, as are knives, so I’d bring those. Also a tent and probably rope, or maybe a water purifier instead of rope.

Not much of that would help in a zombie outbreak. Axe and dog for sure. Water purifier may or may not be useful. Nothing else there would be remotely useful.

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The best way to be found is light a fire and make a message on the shore if possible. Flares are very temporary. But they would be useful if someone happened by when you were ready to able to use it.


Yeah I was a little confused. lol


Temporary, yes. But visible over a much larger distance. Much more likely to get the attention of a passing ship.


I’d think a smokey fire would be much more visible over long distances during the day and a bonfire would be visible enough at night.


Have you seen burning magnesium, like what many flares use? They are bright enough to cause eye damage. So having that launching into the sky would be noticeable for a few miles.


I’ve launched paraflares in the army they are less noticeable during the day than black smoke.


I’m a walking genji, or i’d like to think that i am one :stuck_out_tongue: katana seems to be the best melee weapon for now. either poke or slice their heads off, but i dont intend to stay close combat, it’s just if there isn’t any other choices being cornered. chainsaw is too reliant on power. and maybe too heavy for me to carry it all around. jeep is good too but there will be traffic jams, so you gotta take unprecedented routes.

interesting zombie loadout, so you’re the silent survivor, not getting into the heat of things. light survivor. and you’re right, the raft can work as a bed, and it deflated can be a shelter, just make sure you tie it down, not to let it fly away hah.

nice zombie loadout too. the axe is a very good choice, i’m tempted to use it instead of katana too. i chose katana as its light and can do a swift strike to the neck without much energy, just aim and slice the neck, or at least severe it. and its longer than an axe. but axe is very practical, you can use it to break through buildings, defend/break bones. i know the katana is thin but i’m sure its of decent quality, even if it breaks, you can still use it as a knife. if you do a swift strike, the tip of the sword will be very fast, getting you a possible 1 slice to the neck. zombie’s bodies are quite fragile anyway, not as tough as a healthy hooman.

Good point there, you really have no idea where you are, it is equally as risky just diving out there into the ocean, can take weeks if you’re really far out with just a raft xD.

Haha, well the scenario is that you are stranded there, with 4 choices of things listed, so yeah i wanna escape. SCAR sniper? lol. well, thats ok but also things only in the list. MRE’s can be yummy

ohh, you need a hat and a whip too, for the indiana look. and no its not sad, so many of us prepare for zombie apocalypses lol.

you can make fire with certain woods but yeah, if you have the luxury of some matches, why not. i chose that too. yeah i think i’d try to do those things too, try to wait for a rescue, if not, i’m just going to go out there. faith believing God will lead me on that tiny raft xD.
//// the silent handgun is a good choice. light, decent amount of ammo. i chose ak47 and katana lol, its noisy so i dont plan to use it that much, my plan is just roam super far away, a few days ride can take me to a different country where i live. my plan is more of a loner or small group, consisting 2-3, and the biggest maybe 7-10, not really more.
nah dont judge Axilla’s plan, i myself got the katana, we can always pick up other stuff to break things. i dont plan on staying too long, just ride far.

haha vacation. ok so your idea is a larger group, with a guard dog. sounds like Francis in L4D xD

hahaha, cultivating weed on the island!! xD can the leaves be food source?
i see, i never thought of using mirror that way. i think the water purifier is just shown for illustration purposes, i’m sure it could be either battery or powerless.

Actually, that’s not really mentioned, so it could be either or all, up to you or general. but i’m thinking zombies can run, only when theyre being zombies for too long, they dehydrate/deteriorate, so not as agile.


it’s not mentioned, you could try your best to remain or escape. i’d try to gather resources and try all plain methods first like, making smoke or fire to be rescued, then later just simply go out there, God will help me hahar.

i’d like a dog too, i’m just worried i can’t find enough food for it D: since any food i’ll be gobbling a lot haha.

i saw some article about a woman being rescued cuz of google earth lol, i didnt read it, so dunno if its true. she was being stranded for many years.


A jeep excels at unprecedented routes though.


Thank you for reading my writing,i tried to be as realistic as possible since we are probably not that good as we think of

One aspect that i think would arise in Zombie outbreak is the malevolent capacity of human in an apocalypse situation.With the silenced hand gun at least you won’t go down with out a fight should the need arise,unless they caught you off guard


TWD make it seem super easy to slice through a head but it’s really not. There’s a video or two floating around the internet where a guy slams a knife into the head of another guy and it gets stuck standing straight up. Doesn’t kill him and the stabber tries to take it back but stabee backs away and tries to take it out himself but it’s stuck there


I was hoping condoms would’ve been on that list, guess not. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: