What would you bring to a ...?


List your answer and your goal.

My answer:
-Inflatable raft
(no guns as i’ll just kill anything with the handsaw lol. or run away xD no point killing those wild animals, idk how to eat them anyway. most i’ll do is just fish) i can use pot to boil water, matches just to make it easier. goal is just to build paddles and use the raft to paddle away, i’d rather try than wait on the island, that’s just me. of course suit up supplies like food and water on an amateurly made bag.

Zombie Outbreak
-Water purifier
((first aid will never be enough, even if to help someone, rather just go scavenging for it)) ak47 and katana for maximum defense. motor for agility, time to move out. )) my plan is to get out of the country if possible. you don’t fight a zombie apocalypse, survive first. we’re just civilians, not military. i had a dream in a zombie apocalypse, and that’s just what i did. took my gf out on a black sports bike, we arrived to a safezone. before that, we were staying in a tall building, on an evelator, not in it, but on it, and the lift is somewhere high. and in the evelator shaft, we can hear almost everything.

edit: I’m tempted to get the crossbow instead, way less ammo though. but silent


Kettle, tent, knife and water purifier.

Axe, dog, jeep, water purifier.

Easy peasy

I’m curious as to why you would pick the katana. I can’t see it as very effective.


Inflatable raft,
Water purifier,

Zombe Outbreak:
Body Armour,
Water Purfier,
Respirator Mask,
Silenced Hand Gun,

It could actually serve a purpose, even if the blade is too blunt to cut. It has longer range than your fists, and the blade’s spine can still be used to deliver a solid hit to the head without expending too much energy.


Tent, water purifier, rope, and a pot.
-Although, it depends on the kind of purifier. If it’s a charcoal and sand one, yes. If it runs on batteries, then I wouldn’t take it and would choose a knife instead. A pot can be used to purify water as well as cook. It’s just much harder to do it that way.

Body armor, fire axe, first aid, and silenced handgun.
-body armor because that would at least offer more protection than clothes. Plus, most injuries are likely to happen because of things like broken glass, metal bits, etc. Hence the first aid. Fire axe because it’s very durable and can act as a tool as well as a weapon. Silenced gun because the idea is to draw less attention to myself, not make more noise.

Less than you’d think, honestly. The entire blade is eventually going to bend and snap, leaving you without a weapon. That’s gonna happen faster if you use the back of it to strike things like bone. Someone inexperienced could break it in a day doing that.

A katana is much more suited to slicing flesh than it is for punching through bone to kill a zombie (or 50). Cool factor, in this case, is not the best way to go. Especially if the user has little to no experience with it.


I mean, if it was all you had at hand (perhaps as a blade collector, or something) then it’d do the job for a while, at least. But it can’t do anything that a bat of some description couldn’t already do better.


If it’s all that was on hand, absolutely. It would work for a good bit.

But yeah, you’re absolutely right. A bat, crowbar, metal pipe, or just about any blunt instrument that could be a weapon would likely work better.

Katanas just aren’t practical tbh. Certainly not against zombies who don’t care if they get disemboweled. Beat them over the head with an aluminum bat and they’re done.


Pot, knife, tarp, mirror

Cooking/purifying water

Useful tool


Signaling device/fire starter

Also you’re more likely to survive on the island than making a break for it in the raft unless you knew where you are, have a map, know how to sail and navigate. So I’d be in it for the long haul

Axe, water purifier, jeep, shotgun/body armour depending on the ammo allotment

Can always stop at a motorcycle gear shop or make basic armour out of magazines and tape but if I’m only getting a couple reloads it might not be worth it for the shotgun.

Water purifier cause duh

Jeep cause heading up north hitting up camping stores along the way

Axe cause it’d be the most effective melee weapon assuming standard zombies


You brought things to an island and now you want to leave? Lol.


Motor boat, non perishable food.

Zombie apocalypse:
Port-a-fort, shield potions, med kits, SCAR.




-Hiking Boots

-Water Purifier


Island Survival

I’d take a simple knife, to gather recources, defend myself, ect.

Hiking boots will help to prevent any cuts on my feet which will be important during my time on the island, animals like wasps, snakes, spiders… will bite when stepped on, which is why thicc boots are important.

Water purifier for obvious reasons.

The rope would be a really important aspect of surviving on an island.
Think about it, making a tent, making tools, suicide, tying things together, dragging shit around, starting a fire.

My Reasons For not Taking Other Things.
Taking: Tarp Matches Hammock, Inflatable Raft, Flare Gun, Pot
Would be usefull, if you couldnt make all those things (except flare gun) by yourself using other materials already on the island.




-Water Purifier

-First Aid Kit

Zombie Survival

Katana is the perfect weapon for a zombie outbreak, its a long distance blade melee weapon, They can’t bite if they have no head, amirite?
There seems to be a lot of doubts about the katana, that it would snap / not sharp / whatever.
they’re not as flimsy as most would think, its like a longsword, but curved and a bit shorter.

A motorcycle, fast, small vehicle that doesn’t use up as much gas as a car would. easy to hide and agile in forested areas.

And last but not… yeah last, The first aid kit, any scratch you have, wound, or an illness,
can cause you huge problems during an outbreak.
Noone knows if the infection is spread by infected blood, air, or just by a virus.
Which is why an aid kit is so important.

My Reasons For not Taking Other Things.
Body armour would be okay, except you’d only need it if you were to go close range with a zombie… even then your face is exposed.

A jeep is too loud and requires a shit ton of gas.

Taking any pet, would it be a dog, cat, or even a parrot would result in a quick death via them running off/ barking.

A crossbow? this aint Day-Z you dont know how to make an arrow from 1 stone and a stick.

Fireaxe - Slow heavy hitting medium range weapon, youre very lilely gonna get it stuck in someones head.
Machete - fast medium range cutting weapon, would be a good choice if the ketene wasn’t there.

Any gun (Ak-47, Shotgun , SHG) they need ammo, they will become useless after like 1-2 days.

  • even the silenced handgun makes alot more noise than any melee weapon.

How sad is it that i wrote so much about imaginary events.


Picking the raft might not necessarily be for use on the water but rather as a means of creating some kind of semi-comfortable shelter. With enough know-how it would be entirely possible to create something relatively comfortable and practical using both the inflatable raft and the tent.


Youre thinking of a kendo sword,

A katana is a real sharp sword.
Becouse its curved a bit, it actually cuts easier
A KENDO sword, is used to train when learning how to use a katana


I was actually operating under the assumption of a decorative katana when I said that, since these days those are the kinds of katanas you’re most likely to find. Typically those katana are either too flimsy to be used as a weapon, or too blunt to cut properly. Hell, given the scenario Kendo swords would actually be better as a weapon because those are solid wood and could give the kind of blunt force trauma typically needed to put a zombie back down.


Since i really don’t know how to navigate to safe land,my best bet would be staying put and wait for rescue.In this situation it would be short term wise (10-20 day)

Match: Fire is crucial and if you can’t create fire from scratch,having a match will make your life far more easier
Pot:You can somewhat purified water by boiling term and having a pot would help a lot .You can also extract pure water if you are clever enough.Also good tool to cook
Knife:for multipurpose, also count as a last resort weapon
Hammock: You need to be off the ground to avoid the cold and insect at night.Hammock is very light and you can carry it anywhere

So if i were to stuck on an island,i would gather those 4 item,find source for water and food,then stay put till rescue.Ideally i should have gather enough material to lit a fire signal so the rescue effort can fine me.Not a perfect plan but seem reasonable and executable

Zombie outbreak: this is most definitely gonna be long term scheme.My best plan would be scavenger until you find a group then bail out if there are trouble.Typically these outbreak happen on urban zone,so i will assume that you can loot food and water
Body Armour:you are not gonna do anything if you get some bite and turn into zombie,a body armour will increase your chance of prevent infection
Fire Axe:great for fending off zombie and breaking entry,can also count as a weapon toward hostile group of people.You can
Motorcycle:You need transportation to get in and out of place motorcycle provide both speed and mobility assuming that you can get the hang of it.Zombie will also have a harder time.ambushed.Ideally i would want a bicycle cause they are both silent and require no fuel but compare to car,motorcycle is a better choice imo
Silenced Hand Gun:So let say there some really fck up people that will rip and tear your ass for stuff and giggle,having a firearm will balance the odd.Plus it is silent

So if i happen to witness a zombie outbreak,my course of action would be hit the road and scavenging stuff till i find a decent group or just get to the country side.Given the urban environment
i shouldn’t be too difficult finding supply and shelter.If shit hit the fan just hit the road and find yourself a better place.Again most likely to fail due to murphy law but idk sound better than just slashing zombie.Also my “build” focus more on dealing with malevolent people instead of zombie.You can acquire more firearm and better melee weapon overtime.Basically just live till the outbreak end or die trying


The only problem with a katana is that the blade is generally relatively thin (compared to swords of similar size -like a bastard sword) and would wear down moderately quickly on bone, which you’d be hitting a lot of to kill zombies. As that wears down. The blade stresses more and can bend.

Regrettably, Michonne from the Walking Dead is not entirely accurate. Unless the blade is sharp as a motherfucker, chances are most people couldn’t cut through a limb or a skull in one go.


Taking off the head of a zombie is probably going to prove more difficult than most realize. That’s why I chose the axe.

It won’t remove the head because I can just smash it.

@Nasha842 a decorative katana would have a rat tail tang. That’s going to severely weaken the weaoon.


I’m not gonna bother debate whether katana would snap or not but one thing i want to bring up is katana are only effective as a weapon.They are also hard to use and maintain and almost irreplaceable I also highly question your philosophy about surviving in a zombie outbreak situation as killing a lot of zombie doens’t really increase your odd of survive.This ain’t L4D and i don’t think direct combat with horde of zombie is wise

You can break open door with an Axe and you can chop tree small obstacle with machete (most likely some tree in a jungle environment,but then again if you are stuck on a jungle with zombie outbreak chance are you are fooked).Also both of them have medium range with your katana have long range,imagine drawing your japan in a tight space *tsk tsk


5 Oz, matches, hammock, and the iPod.
Sounds like a good vacation lol.

Jeep, dog, crossbow, and chainsaw. Building a base/fort way out in the boonies boys.


Weed, good chance there is a seed to cultivate. (many products easy high yield plant)

Mirror, to signal people and to flash LIGHT on the Water to catch fish

Knife (best tool on the list with both personal defense, and hunting/protection)

Tarp (lighter and more easily moved than a tent) great for catching rain water.



Water purifier, knife, rope and compass. I could possibly do with the pot, since you can use the stars and sun to navigate. Water purifier speaks for itself, water is one of the most important things to have. Knife and rope can be used for so much, from hunting to building.
Most other things on that list are either useless, shortlived, or can be made on your own.

With the zombie thing, are we like talking runners or walkers? World War Z or The walking dead? Because that would influence my choices by quite a bit lol