What would the other monsters passive have been

Okay I was told to open a new thread to ask this, was it ever confirmed what the passive ability for Kraken or Gorgon would have been? And if not, could someone tag an appropriate dev and ask cause I’m not sure which one would be the right one.


I’m pretty sure @Rapterror knows if the devs aren’t around to answer. I’ve forgotten :frowning:


Details on Gorgon and both Krakens passives were not publicly given out.

The only unreleased passives that we knew a lot about were the Goliaths. OG Goliath had something like if he took damage he would enter a berserk mode where he had stacking CDR buffs as long as he was receiving or dealing damage. Meaty’s passive had his abilities create a burn zone when they hit.

Link to where all this came from: https://www.change.org/p/2k-renew-the-contract-with-turtle-rock-studios-so-they-can-finish-their-work-on-evolve-stage-2/u/18298115


Geez. That probly would’ve made them OP if they didn’t nerf the dmg on most abilities first…Goliath and Meaty were both pretty well balanced.

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No, meteor sucks. He was decent when Stage 2 was initially released but then received a completely unnecessary nerf that doomed him to be complete rubbish. His whole burn damage thing just does not work well enough to make him viable most of the time.


I think meaty could have been fixed if targets on fire received less healing and/or did less damage.


less healing would be an interesting one to have tried


Meteor is my consistent best monster? Calling him rubbish seems a bit harsh. He’s easily better than half the monsters in the game.


Amen about the nerf. TRS starting buffing him in 2.16 but then 2K pulled the plug. He was fine in Legacy and was still fine in Stage 2, but since the devs, and not the majority of the community thought he was OP, he got nerfed.

Same here. OG Kraken is one of my best Monsters too.

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well I mean…He’s a good pub stomper for sure. But against veterans who dodge every lightning strike and kill the banshee mines playing kraken is a painful experience. :\


I play him against full silver teams in ranked. I’m on Legacy.

What were the changes between legacy and stage 2? Never got to play him or against him in legacy so he might be more viable there.

Agreed. He’s far too vulnerable to roaching at the higher tiers, the only reason I personally like him over OG is because he’s far quicker with firing off ability chains. Barring that he doesn’t bring much to the table my other mains can do better; Gorgon with DoT and Wraith/Bob doing a shitload more burst damage reliably. I still wish the fire damage from the abilities stacked individually, then I may have been satisfied with it.

I can say the same about the Wraith. Honestly, she’s viable, but I have to try hard out the ass to win a match against a team who knows what they’re doing; I’d be better off playing one of my other two mains.


I agree. I wish Meteor’s DOTs stacked too. You also have to go full tryhard with him against good teams to win. That’s the reason I play OG Kraken (remember I’m on Legacy not Stage 2) against good teams and take MG against pubs. I don’t have to go full tryhard with Squidface. I really want to get better with Meaty, like pro level so I can win more against good teams. I’m probably going make a thread about it here.

At the high end he’s pretty bad. True I would say that Glacial, Kraken and Wraith are worse but that doesn’t mean much as those monsters really need some help. I would love to see how Meteor would be getting on now if he was still at Stage 2 release stats. As it is I would seriously consider playing Gorgon or Elder vs a strong team instead of Meteor and I suck with those 2 monsters.

How do you mean? If I’m understanding you as intended I would say he’s much slower. Fire breath takes about a month to finish and leap smash typically throws you into the air for longer.

It may just be me, but his abilities land faster, yes the FB takes an age and a half to finish, etc.

I know the rock travels faster than OG. In all honesty, it could just be he has a larger radius on all of his abilities and that’s why I can play him easier than OG. I still despise how sluggish OG and MG feel to the Wraith, Gorgon, and the Behemoth.

I wonder, are you talking about the difference between the Goliath and Meaty or the abilities that were planned by the devs before the development’s chutdown?

I absolutely love Meteor’s rock throw. They gutted Goliath’s rock way too hard. At 3 points it’s decent but 1 and 2 it’s just plain shit. I tend to find Meteor more sluggish than Goliath. I can’t back that up with numbers but from playing them both that’s how it feels while playing him compared to Goliath.

I’m not actually sure he does have a larger radius for his abilities tbh. Would like to see some hard numbers for that.

They are definitely pretty damn sluggish compared to some of the other monsters although I don’t think I could include behemoth in that list. But in fairness they’re bigger and have more health so a Goliath as responsive as wraith would probably not be fair.

I dont believe gorgons was every solid in place- just ideas.

But Krakens was going to be Eye of the storm. It would give him damage reduction based on his range from the hunters. a HUGE “meta” problem for kraken was the amount of post-dome chip damage he would take between domes (more specifically, just after one). This is a HUGE reason the “supposed to be squishy hard hitting mage” monster had such a large health pool, he needed it against teams who knew how to deal damage- and knew how to deal it as he was trying to escape (he was quick across a map overall, but lacked notable burst mobility and his traversal mechanic meant he was constantly in LoS).

Keep in mind kraken was getting a very large overhaul, with many of his abilities being re-worked (aftershock being a big one).

Meteor goliath was going to be given persistent aoe flames from his abilities.