What would people like to see regarding new gamemodes?

I was thinking, we have centralized suggestion threads for monsters, hunters in general and each class of hunters, but not for gamemodes, which seem to all be thrown into their own threads, maybe we could make a forum and pin it (or pin this one)
Withthat out of the way, shameless self plugin commence:

My idea that I’be already mentioned is a gamemode where each class chooses 3 characters in order. The mode commences as a normal game of hunt, but when a hunter dies, after 2 minutes the next hunter chosen would drop instead, and when the last hunter dies there is no respawn. The monster would respawn in a random location with 1 full evolve bar less and no armor (in other words, a level 3 would be level 2 upon respawning, an almost level 3 would be almost level 2). There would be no power relay. After all 3 monsters are dead or all 12 hunters a winner is announced. This would be limited to custom/solo games or could even be an alternate voteable finale to evacuation, since it would also be a longer match.

Another idea, that is probably not gonna be liked because it would change the pace a lot would be a horde type mode. Also limited to custom/solo, since it would be harder to do with pubs, all 5 players are hunters, 2 medics and 3 assaults. The objective would simply be to survive in an area (maybe a new tiny map) for 50 waves, just like in gears of war. The waves could start with super hostile wildlife, like a wave of 3 armadons, a few venomhounds and a bog sloth, and work up to fighting 2 level 2 krakens, a level 3 behemoth and a flock of phantoms at once. It could implement a system like GOW where you gain points by fighting that could be used to purchase turrets, medbays, shield drones or even heroes (support/trapper hunters) to fight alongside your crew. It would be changing the game a lot, but it might be a nice change of pace for teams or solo players, and by keeping it in custom modes it wouldn’t hurt or divide the community.

I wanted to add a poll asking how many people think i should just stop before I hurt myself, but it wouldnt work, so feel free to tell me

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I’d like to have more then one role like you can swap out trapper for a second support or medic and focus mainly on relay fights would be fun

I agree that there should be no more playlists, thats why I suggested both modes be limited to custom, since custom players arent part of the normal playlists anyway

I think that if the playerbase get uo, there should be a special game mode that is just a random match up of different gamemodes.
You could play Nest- Rescue- Arena- Nest- Hunt- Arena- Rescue- Defend- and so on.

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