What would Gordon Ramsay say about Monster Meat?


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“It’s full of flavour, but it’s packed with fucking grease.”

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Slightly off topic but hilarious:

Also inappropriate


“Simple and delicious”.

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“This meat is f****ing RAW!”


This is f**king sht. What the hell is this you ShT head. Slop… ----------- Walks away “Damn”

serves Mammoth bird


“How hard is it to fucking cook monster meat ? Put it in the pan and… FRY IT”

Damn you!
Now I’ve been watching this show for 3 hrs!
I try to stay away from shows like this because I get addicted easily lol

Master Chef, thats a good show, Ramsey is judge

after watching those two clips, I went on a Kitchen Nightmare binge watch for like 5 hours… thanks

“Where’s the Lamb Sauce?!”

The Lamb is so raw it’s eating the salad!

This Chicken is so raw a skilled vet can still save him!

This Cow is so raw it’s still “Mooing” ya wanker!

This Steak is so rare it was the one who crossed the table in Poltergeist!

“It’s so crisp, so perfect and it smells delicious…” takes a bite “IT’S RRRAAAWWW!!!”

This meal has so much oil in it, the US have begun to invade the plate…

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Ohoooo snap!!
Your turn America!!!

PS: I’m from the US. :wink:

I am too. But I ate Burger King twice today, in America stereotypes are just the truth.

“This grilled Canyon Eel is so fucking raw, Caira might still be able to save it!”

“Not even the fucking Trapjaws are fresh?! Well what do you have that IS fresh? The water?”
-"Umm, actually it’s frozen."

I have more Gordon Ramsay jokes, but they’re not appropriate for the forums. :stuck_out_tongue: