What would Evolve be like if there was a third team. "Wildlife"


I’m not saying I want it but I’m curious of an idea where the wildlife of Shear also tries to fight back.


They already do by the looks of it. They are led by the evil mammoth birds. :smile:


Mammoth Birds? Reavers? Dune Beetles? Desert Nomads? Megamouths? Armadons? Cephaladons?
Wildlife already has its Military sorted. :slightly_smiling:


I wonder why Shear didn’t just mass produce Nomad-sized, actually flying, mammoth birds?


Because then wouldn’t the Mammoth Birds dominate? They would kill everything, and then have nothing to eat. All fauna on Shear collapses.


The ECO system is pretty balanced on Sheer. If you have anything to dominant you end like what we have on earth, a species that is destroying the planet!


Well making wildlife player controlled would present a bunch of problems. Firstly none of them can climb, so it would require new animations or it would be horrible for them. Secondly they are placed in their spawn areas for a reason. Imagine if a team decided to coordinate, then suddenly an armadon, a dune beetle, a bog sloth and a tyrant could charge down a level 1 monster, or they would all huddle up in one corner of the map and make it impossible for the monster to feed.


none of those would win if they were put up against an army of Deathclaws…


Well, if so, what would be their win/ loose conditions?
Anyways I have toyed with the thought of giving all wildlife a perk like DR, DI or MS just to mix it up a little.


That’s a bit harsh…


Just have them on a invisible leash within the respective spawn. It could be f2p so that way there’d always be human wildlife and maybe they would watch enough cool battles and buy the full version to get hunters and monsters.


^^this right here^^

Pretty much every thin can kill you, only thing that doesn’t attack is steamadons and. The little grubs. Everything else I deadly, and its funny in the tip loading screens it says that pretty much every single creature is deadly lol.


And that’s why I always kill those creepy thunder chickens.


I believe you mean ‘electric cthulhu ostriches’.


there will be a hoard of mammoth birds just following you… Creepy


Well flypaper_420 and sentry agree with me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Proof that mammoth birds are evil, if you try to hug one you’ll get a bit of a shock. So it seems they hate hugs, which must mean they are evil. :smile:


Dude have you not been patrolling planet shear long…?

My god some beasts on shear are OP as hell! Funny enough it’s the smallest most annoying wildlife that cause the most stress!Tryant’s just a big softy leave him be and your sweet,but the reavers & mamouthbirds hmmm where do I start?if only there was a perk to stop them attacking you every god dam second ha!


My friend always comments why i murder the wildlife during hunt i respond with planet tamer dude this wildlife will f u up


And General Reaver, and Sargent Nomad


Can’t forget Major Megamouth. :smile: