What would be Kali's Traversal?

I was wondering for a very, very long time.

Kali’s the Kala’s %100 monster form btw, for the ones that don’t know that

I assumed something close to goliath jump mixed in with some wraith teleportation.

Like leaping into the air and suddenly appearing 40m away and then landing.

Maybe if she holds jump she could teleport upwards and levitate a bit ala kraken style?


Nah i am pretty sure she will have teleporting traversal

Is this a reply to me?

I remember Brandon saying that she would/could have been a monster that did mixing and matching of abilities in the game for monsters, so perhaps she had a choice of any of the current monster traversals (maybe with the exception of Bob’s) at her arsenal.

@GentlemanSquirl Whatchu sayin’?


Hunter dodge and hover.

Edit - that’s what we were going to try. Nothing set in stone all just spaghetti on the wall.


What about her health and armour? Was she going to be brawler-levelled, or weaker like Gorgon. (all of this was ideas that would need to be tested and tweaked accordingly, nothing set in stone etc etc)


We didn’t get that far with her, so I don’t know :slight_smile:

So was this spaghetti fresh? Marinara sauce? Pesto?

Mmm mmm dev spaghetti…

Maybe a super charged jetpack. Hold for flying and double tap for a very quick dash to any direction.

What do you mean by hunter dodge? I’m sorry, just confused by the wording a tad.

He probably meant a quick dash burst, like hunter’s jetpack dodge.

Ohhhhh, gotcha.