What would be each monster's theme song?


This is a pretty simple topic, as the topic states I want to find the perfect theme songs for each other the monsters. Maybe to make it more interesting, throw in why you think the song fits the monster.

An example would be something like Bolero of Fire for Behemoth, His roll reminds me of the Gorons from Legend of Zelda not to mention from the sounds of it’s skill if combine two of the would make a mini volcano.

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I think this fits Behemoth more than anything else :smile:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25t_4Qs2e58 Not sure as to who, but it fits someone.


Goliath…defiantly Goliath.


Pretty sure this sums up nearly all of them.


As far as Nintendo music goes, a lot of the Metroid Prime music is great to fit the Wraith, especially the theme. It just all sounds so eerie.


Right, we need one for the Behemoth that isn’t a joke type song.


Wraith’s decoy (it needs its own)

Yes, I’m taking this chance to shamelessly plug the best band to ever walk the planet.


ignore the name of the artist but i think this fits Goliath pretty well.


OOH OOH this one for kraken!!!


oooohhhhhh this is a good one for goli and kraken.


Actually, I think it’s very clear what song needs to play when Kraken enters combat.


this is more of a wraith players theme song while they are abducting hunters (the joke is a long stretch but thought id try anyways LOL)




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nssCEHsodA Okay, assign this to a monster then


Islands is one of my favorite bands, I need to listen to some Unicorns


Love islands! I pretty much like anything nick and alden have done. Islands just played in my small town in 2013. I just saw The Unicorns at one of their reunion shows last August, I wish they would do some new music but it’s not looking likely. Return to Sea is right up their with WWCOHWWG.


None of them, because it’s just instrumental, we’re looking for a THEME song, not just the background music! I dig @Jeff’s song a lot, because I could see that being played for Goliath’s entrance!


this is a good face smashing song, may not be a theme song perhaps but it is definitely a winners song.


To be fair, my song better fits hank. What about hunter theme songs?